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I wanted to know if possible how to change the standard windows xp
start>log off,or shut down menu.When mine comes up it shows windows xp professional and then a drop down menu with options of what i want to do such as shut down,restart or stand by.What i want to do is have it so that when i press the start button and press either log off or shut down that a box comes up that without a drop down menu but shows shut down,restart,and stand by.The way it is now,with the drop down menu i really dislike the way it looks and the setup of it.Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Go to Start>> Control Panel
    Click User Accounts
    Click "Change the way users log on or off"

    Make sure the box next to "Use welcome screen" is checked.
  2. i tried that but it says i need to uninstall client services for netware to do that.How do i do that?
  3. nvrm i got it.
  4. good luck
  5. Thanks a lot :)
  6. how about changing the default instead of restart menu to shutdown...
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