Installing Win 7 with PCI-E Raid Controller

wow, i got rid of my original message.......ok, so I have an Asus P5KC mobo, with an Adaptec Sata II 1220SA Host Raid Controller. two 500gb HDD's in Raid 0. When I go to the Windows 7 x64 custom setup it doesnt detect my drives. What do I have to do?
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    Download the Vista or 7 drivers for the Adaptec controller and put them on a flash drive. When you load setup and get to the drive partitioning and formatting step, click the button called Load Driver. Pick the driver from your USB flash drive and setup should then be able to see both of your hard drives.
  2. BAM, that did the trick... Windows 7 is up and running.. y wouldn't it accept the driver of the CD tho? I checked and its the same driver that I downloaded from Adaptec
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