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i need help i had reinstall windows xp pro sp/2 and it loaded allthe drivers and when it goes to setting up windows xp i get the blue screen of death can any one help me please thanks
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  1. Do you have a floppy drive?
  2. Yes, I do.
  3. Yes, I do.
  4. just curious on why you are asking if I have a floppy drive. The blue screen states that I need to uninstall any new hardware and run a checkdisk /R . I cannot do this because it also states that I have to check harddrive controllers. Harddrive controller and harddrive work fine, it is all seen in the bios.
  5. have patinece and you will see why ;) psc knows what he is talking about ;)
  6. I want you to start over.

    Get a hold of (or download the file) a W98 (or ME) boot floppy. Delete drivespace and add debug.exe to the diskette. If you have to download debug, you need version Dos7 to go with 98 (or Dos8 to go with ME).

    You are going to completely blank the first cylinder on the hd with debug.

    Pop in the floppy - restart - at the "A" prompt, type debug. You will get a minus sign prompt ( - ). Type in the following lines, hitting Enter after each one. There are letter O's only in the word mov.

    f 200 L200 0
    a 100
    mov ax,301
    mov bx,200
    mov cx,1
    mov dx,0080
    int 13
    int 3
    (hit Enter again)

    Eject the floppy - pop in the XP cd - and fresh install.
  7. Before you do ANYTHING. Did you change ANY hardware?!
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