New Video Card - Pink Screen!!

I just installed my new video card. It is a BIOSTAR GeForce 7600GS. I have a dual monitor setup, which worked fine on my old video card (a few days ago), but when I installed the new card, whichever monitor is using the DVI-to-VGA adapter (both monitors are VGA) on the DVI port of the card, has a very noticeable pink/purple tint on the whole display. I tried using a different DVI-to-VGA adapter, and had the same problem. I also tried getting the newest Nvidia drivers from their site. That didn't help either.

Has anyone had a similar problem, have a suggestion, or just think it needs to be RMA'd? Please let me know!!!!

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  1. I'm assuming you swapped back the old card and the problem went away. If that's the case I'd say you need to return the new card.
  2. usually its green

    send it back - thats a bad card
  3. I didn't try the old card because this new mobo doesn't have an AGP slot. This is the only PCI-Express card I have to try. I'll call newegg and try to RMA it.

    If anyone else can think of something else to try let me know!

    THanks again.
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