Window can't find Video driver when boot up

Recently it took long time for Win to boot-up, (3-4 times longer), after enter to Window, there is no video driver found, it just used default driver. I had re-installed video driver, DirectX 9.0 C & update to newest BIO, but no luck.

When I watch DVD by Nero ShowTime, it popup a note "The application requires DirectDraw Acceleration, which is not available in your system. Please enabled it in 'DirectX Diagnostic Tool' (dxdiag.exe) in the tab 'Display'.

When I follow to do this, the DirectDraw box is white out, I can't enable it . And there is no any problem found in DirectX files

Any help? thanks.

Mother board: Asus M2NPV-VM
with build in video: Nvidia Geforce 6150
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  1. Maybe try using System Restore to go back a week or so when the problem didn't exist ?
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