LCD PC Monitor for console gaming?

OK I'm currently looking at a Asus 21.5 inch Monitor 5MS response time Full 1080p..
I currently have a 19 inch sharp 720p it looks great in HDMI on my PS3..So will using this monitor better my console gaming experience?Will I actually see Full HD 1920x1080 resolution on a 21.5 screen?I heard that monitors are way better than LCD tv's in terms of gaming and looks like a really inexpensive and convenient buy.
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  1. monitors are not necessarily better than televisions. trouble is that people start spouting opinion like its fact and everyone else who hears it secondhand gets confused. both products are good but do have their own pros and cons.

    if you are playing 1080p content on the screen, i would say that yes it should look better. remember though that some games are only 720p and will not improve in quality.

    remember that a ps3 requires an hdcp compliant monitor. make sure your monitor has this or you will get no-image.

    also check the refresh rate. 60hz monitors should work fine with no issues. 120hz monitors might not. hdmi input is recommended.
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