Vista ultimate student price?

TomsHardware had an article stating you could get a student discounted copy of Vista Ultimate full for only 210 bucks. Any idea where? Searched google with no luck. Thanks


"Students also should have a closer look at the price tag as student versions of Vista are offered for steep discounts. For example, the $160 Vista Premium upgrade is available for about $85 and the $400 Vista Ultimate (full version) sells for around $210."
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  1. It involves your college and MSDN. Ask a teacher in the tech dept for more help.
  2. Oh so you can only get it for 210 if your specific college has a MSDN account that has Vista Ultimate Full available to it?

    bummer, was hoping it was just open to college kids in general. Well crossing my fingers my school does...
  3. Yea just heard back from my IT/CS dept and they said that their MSDN agreement does not include MS Vista or Office 2007. :(
  4. yeah that student discount is great. I can get a copy of xp pro for under 50 bucks i think. The down side is they wont just hand me license after license at that price maybe 3.
  5. Quote:
    yeah that student discount is great. I can get a copy of xp pro for under 50 bucks i think. The down side is they wont just hand me license after license at that price maybe 3.

    My university gives every student a free copy of XP it's different from school to school? That's weird
  6. Yea we get xp free as well. although i have a feeling it was taken somewhere in tuition fees haha. unfortunately no vista. I am going with the OEM ultimate anyway (full version for only 200). going to wait till march though when the new DX10 cards come out and hopefully dx10 games fallow
  7. Yeah the university I go to is just a small place. That and the people that run this place are a bunch of tight a$$es. But I am in majoring in a computer area so the department head trys to helps us out with more of a discount than regular students. I want to say ultimate is going to be around 100 to 150 for me, but im not getting it untill it becomes the main stream and very stable. I didnt get XP untill a few months after SP2
  8. Here's your academic Vista Home Premium upgrade for US$70.

    You can get this price if you're a student, parent, teacher, etc. I believe this is separate from what Microsoft charges educational institutions. I haven't seen any similar offers for other versions of Vista.
  9. Our university has tons of software available to students for free... yeah i got server 2003 enterprise, visual studio 2005, xp pro, and vista business edition all for free!!!
  10. That is awesome, I would be so tempted to make extra by selling it lol jk
  11. yeah... but all the stuff i got from that are downloaded .iso Though i think the CD media is available from microsoft for $13 or possibly they may have copies at the CS department available if you cant download it or something... either way its not for resale.... not that that has stopped anyone.
  12. Hmm...very designing offer. Thanks for the info, wstcoaster07.
  13. Actually, The Sam"s club near my house sells the regular FULL version i.e. NOT STUDENT VERSION, for $204 everyday. I suggest just go buy it from them. It is called the upgrade version, but during the installation it asked you if you just want to do a clean install. That what i chose and it worked great.
  14. And I forgot to mention that was Vista Ultimate
  15. That's great, read what it says under my avatar.
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