New build... last few ?'s b4 I order

Ok, so this is the new computer I am looking at building. I havent built a computer in a while and a lot has come out since then. I did a lot of research and such and came up with this build.

The purpose of this build is for ultimate gaming. I do NOT need to edit photos/movies and such. I already have future plans for the computer and have built the computer around it.

In the future when the quad core drops in price I intend to upgrade to it. I plan on getting another 8800gtx for SLI when the price drops. Also I plan on adding another 2x1gb RAM. In the future when SP1 has come out for Vista I plan on upgrading to it.

Here is what I have put together, any comments, suggestions are more than welcome and encouraged. This build also runs about $2000... I would like to keep it as close to it as possible or lower unless there are significant performance changes for minor price fluctuations.

Case: Antec 900 or Raidmax Smilidon

PSU: P&C 750 Quad (60A)

Motherboard: eVGA T1 680i SLI

CPU: C2D E6600

RAM: Patriot DDR2 800 (2x1gb)


HD: Seagate 7200.10 320gb

Monitor: Samsung 226BW 22"

I think that is everything... one question I did have was should I get an aftermarket CPU cooler like the zalman 9700. I know the C2D run cooler than the P4's but I am wondering with everything else in a smaller case if a better fan will be better.

I plan on using my Audigy Gamer that is a couple years old. I was wondering if there is any significant change that would be worth the $60 upgrade to a newer card. I am running a Logitech 4.1 THX cert system.
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  1. Helluva setup there!

    Couple comments:

    -get the Antec 900 instead of the Raidmax.

    -definitely get an aftermarket heatsink. 9700 is pretty good, not the cheapest though......Thermalright has the Ultra 120 and a couple new ones being released that kick A$$, so you might wanna look into those.
  2. Ok, thanks for the info. I was leaning towards the antec 900 too. Sounds like it has better cooling. Also, do you have any advice on the sound card?
  3. Not an audiophile, sorry. I use onboard, find it quite good actually.
  4. Usual onboard sound does the job well nowadays. But if you have the ears to listen at every single detail of sound. Get one of those Creative Xtreme Music or gamer series sound cards. You'll also need to get some kick arse speaker with that sound card.... Cause what good is a nice sound card without nice speakers to pair.
  5. I think that EVGA mb's are made by Jetway. You might tread carefully there:

    "Cons: I went threw 3 of these motherboards in the last year. ive had nothing but trouble with this terrible product. i may not be the best w/ computers but i do know that i wasent installing it wrong. i never OC'd anything and i had nothing but issues w/ it. The first one o got lasted me about 1 1/2 months, 2nd lasted 2 weeks, 3rd lasted 3 days! C'MON!!! most very uncompatable board too, i went threw 3 types of RAM on this thing... A-DATA, PNY, and toshiba, funny but pny Gb. was the only one to work (for a little). and if you use 2 512mg strips it only reads 1... all 3 Motherboard did this?!?! very terrible product w/ even worse customer service... actually useless customer service! EVGA just lost a customer when it comes to there motherboard department." 8O
  6. Thank you for the concern Cybercraig... where did you get the review from? I read all reviews from newegg and no one had problems even remotly simular. Would suck for that to happen though.
  7. I used to use an Audigy for sound, and it set me back about CDN$140 back in 2001, but I would be hard-pressed to suggest a sound card these days unless it will give you the performance edge you need in games, or if you want good sound recording capabilities. The on-board sound has a very good signal/noise ratio these days, for playback. S/N for recording is generally crap.

    I don't know how much improvement, in terms of minFPS, a sound card will give you. I'd say try going with on-board sound, and if you decide that's not good enough, you can add a card later.

    If possible, you might want to find a PCIe card for sound. PCI is slated for legacy removal in the next couple years, and a sound card can serve you through a few generations of computers.

    And if you want a cheap card, I'm selling my Audigy. :wink: lol
  8. I was doing a little more research on PSU's and noticed I can get a modular Seasonic for the same price. However, it is 56A on 4 rails while the P&C is 60A on 1 rail. I originally wanted a modular PSU but all the ones I looked at didnt have enough Amps for my future plans and the ones that did were way over my price range. If anyone could shed some light on which they would go with and why, I dont know if the convenience is worth the less Amperage.

    Links here:



    I was also looking at the Asus 650i SLi motherboard. It runs $70 cheaper and the only difference is it supports DDR2 800 over eVGA's DDR2 1200 and the Asus in SLI mode is only x8 instead of eVGA's x16. I do not know how big of a difference this is and if its worth an extra $70. I can also combo 2x1gb of corsair xms2 RAM for cheaper. Any help will be appreciated.


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