Windows Vista Business vs Enterprise?

What is the difference(s) between the two?
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  1. Enterprise is only available if you're part of Microsoft's Software Assurance program - you can't buy this version through any retail or OEM channels. It's basically the Business edition with a couple of added features such as multiple virtual licenses and some basic support for Unix applications.
  2. Alright cool, thanks for the fast reply. My Dad's work (Xcel Energy) has a Microsoft partner program and they will be allowing employees as of next month to purchase Windows Vista: Enterprise through them.
  3. It also has a few deployement options such as mutli languages images and other stuff, if you are intersted I got a word with the difference, you can always PM me if you want to know exactly what it is.

    I would qualify Enterprise as Ultimate without Medi center.
  4. Had question as you say you would qualify enterprise as ulitmate without mediacenter. Do you think ultimate would be better than business version. Or do you I would be better off with business version? Is ultimate better than business version?
  5. The Windows Vista Enterprise operating system is available exclusively to Microsoft Software Assurance customers. Specifically designed for large organizations or those with complex IT needs, Windows Vista Enterprise provides easier application management and improved standardization for global operations.

    VISTA business doesn`t have following things..
    1. Bit- locker drive encryption
    2. Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications
    3. Virtual PC Express
    4. All worldwide user interface languages (36 languages total) available
    5. Support for simultaneous installation of multiple user interface languages

    Vista Business has the option to be upgraded to vista Ultimate . But Vista Enterprise does not have that as it is already power packed for Business purposes .
    Vista Business also has Windows movie maker which can be found in home Premium and Ultimate but it is not there in Enterprise.
    Moreover Vista business is retail where as Vista Enterprise is volume-license only
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