Will Vista Business get the kinks out?

I got a free express upgrade to Premium with a new PC. I've never had a Windows OS right from launch - usually takes me 1-2 yrs to get w/the program. My fear is that getting it right from launch it will be buggy and unstable, and will end up hurting my productivity rather than helping it. I would love to get in on the action, but not if it seriously interferes with my computer. I have college to worry about, and dont need any surprises around Midterms or to come home to having my term paper wiped out.

So, my question for those in the know is: how stable is Vista? What problems can be expected from what you've seen/experienced/heard or know from past Windows releases? Do you think that having the Business edition out earlier will give MS the userbase it needs to identify important flaws and stabalize the system? Will the Vista Business owners warm things up for the rest of us?
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  1. I'm using Vista Business right now and I actually like it. It's got some funny problems, but for the most part, it's a large step up from XP. It's sleek and easy to use. Some of the new features really rock and the file management/searching just rules.
    Only bad thing I've seen at all is that the Creative SB drivers are really sub par right now and some games run significantly slower.
    Other than that, don't be scared. Give it a try over the weekend and see what you think for yourself. Cheers!
  2. I am running Vista Business and have had no stability problems at all. I deleted my XP partition as all my games run as or almost as well as they did on XP. Also I have done a ton of schoolwork on Vista since I got it in November and have had no problems. Vista has my seal of approval :)
  3. I suggest you dual boot to make sure. Running the business as well, really smooth and slick, nice features but you really need 2 gigs of ram. No major bug so far.

    Anyone got RainBow6 Vegas to run? it ask me for D3D9.dll all the time, with 1.00-1.04 patch.
  4. I'll give it a try later tonight...
  5. I have not been updated to vista yet computer glitch. What I was going to do is run vista. Is maybe run windows xp pro on a flash drive. I know but look up windows xp in your pocket
  6. I agree, just to play things safe do a dual boot. Every version of Windows has had/has it's own little quirks that Microsoft needs to work out. I'm running Vista Business on a machine that I built. After I first installed it, it would sometimes crash at random times (also known as the blue-screen-of-death). It hasn't done that in a while though. *prays it doesn't do it soon* All my drivers and software are up-to-date. Overall, though it is a really good OS. Much better than XP in most aspects. Still, I keep important documents (class projects, term papers and the like) on a usb thumb drive, just to be cautious.
  7. Basically, its stable enough to do your normal stuff. You might run into problems using not so popular 3rd party hardware and that'd be rare.

    Most games should work fine on it.. though you might experience some slower issues or so, depending on how the OS was installed.

    I haven't seen nor heard of any problems in the PCs that I've seen it installed on. They're all Dell computers and no problems yet.

    Unless you're doing some outside the norm stuff.. leading edge games or high end programs, you should be fine. I haven't had a chance to test out Vista with Autocad or software of that power level yet.
  8. Risor,

    You statement that most games work fine---- this is not true from what I'm hearing ---and then you seem to say games may have some slower issues which conflicts with your previous statement???

    You also say that you have not heard any problems in pc's i have seen it installed on--- but do not seem to be convey problems with vista that I am hearing in the forum relating to pc's that you have not seen.

    From a general standpoint, you should take care with your opinions as you are the moderator and can influence people's opinion just from the sheer stenght that the name moderator implies.

    Not saying you are right or wrong, but just feel some restraint is in order.
  9. Please don't lecture me on the status of being a moderator.

    First, MOST games WORK. They just run slower.

    I've seen several people say games they've installed worked just fine, only slower. I haven't spent much time reviewing those who say the games don't work when others have no problems. It leads me to believe that they may have a hardware configuration problem.

    I've worked with at least 5 computers with Vista on them and have yet to see any problems. You're on a forum where people are going to report problems, so you'll see it more often.

    I personally have not had any problems with Vista. I don't have it installed at home though.

    Overall, Vista in time will become a strong OS. Game issues will get worked out. After all, its up to the makers of the game to correct the issue to make it work on Vista.

    Vista is built first, software makers tailor their product to work on it. Don't expect everything to work right away. Patches for software will need to be released.

    Overall, I've only had 2 programs not run on Vista. The company is working on getting a patch out. I doubt anyone has even heard of these high end programs either. They don't work due to the high level of security required which conflicts with the increased security of Vista.

    Overall, when reviewing a problem someone has, take into consideration their computer experience to help decide if that person just doesn't know what they're doing which resulted in the problem.
  10. I apologize for bringing the mod issue up.

    With regard to gaming, I do disagree with you.

    You state "First, MOST games WORK. They just run slower."

    Rob Wright of THG recently stated the following in one of his posts:

    "we're not sure if the problems we're having are unique to our system or OS copy (the games run fine on XP systems) or if they're common to Vista systems. I'm not even sure how to begin to describe what's happening when we load up these games, but the long and short of it is that they're basically unplayable for a variety of reasons".

    This was my primary reason for responding to you --- perhaps its something you should look into if you are going to give the opinion that most games work but they just work slower so as to ensure that you are giving the proper opinion when it comes to games --- not sure as to what exactly the issue is as THG is still investigating --- but appears to be something to be concerned with --- perhaps microsoft will work this out in future.

    edit --- note to riser --- posted above just for discussion purposes and in hopes you will look into it ----would lover to hear your opinion on this ---appears there might be some concern in this area
  11. If you study the posts on this forum and external forums concerning game play, over and over you see a link to it being related to drivers at a minimum. NVidia, what - maybe 50% or more of the gpu community for game play in recent years, is really having some driver issues that they are slowly but surely overcoming. ATI has relatively no complaints for newer cards - in fact, most other forums are raving about the increased fps for the brand new ATI cards. I have an NVidia that is a few years older and all of my OpenGL games are actually many fps faster than on XP. That would lead me to suspect that DX9 coding may be involved as well. So newer drivers for gpu, optimum game coding for Vista (no Vista game titles out yet) and DX issues are all related issues for game play under Vista that are all just beginning to get straightened out (at least the NVidia drivers seem to be on mend).
  12. Good call.

    As I have stated in the past, most problems experienced, from what I've seen, have been because manufacturer's drivers are not working correctly. Vista so far is solid to me.

    It'll take time for drivers to get on board and optimized. No one has enough time to sit around playing games to really see where things go wrong or all the possible configurations, changes, etc. It really falls on the gaming community to report back where they're finding problems and then the drivers can be adjusted.
  13. pkellymey and riser,

    unsure of what exactly is going as Rob Wright did not give specifics --- only that he is seeing some strange results ---- just thought it might be something you may want to look into ---- it might just be nvidia card drivers ---- i to have heard problems with nvidia ---- but still does not negate that there is problem with vista relating to some games wether it be due to drivers or not---- only trying to express my opinion on something that might be of concern---perhaps this concern is unfounded and should not be conveyed to other users of vista who might want to play games
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