Wondering how to delete partial install of XP?

At first I was going to use a raid array for 3 Seagate 160's but decided not to because I was having a problem getting the array to work. So, I canceled the array and went ahead with an install using the 3 separate hd's instead. The problem I am having is that when XP pro boots it asks me which install I want to use, how do I get rid of that? Marvell raid utility was not fully installed, do I need to fully install it and then delete it? Will that get rid of it? As far as deleting it off of the hard drive it's on; I'm not to sure which one it's on. In BIOS the hard drives are labeled identically without descriptors of any kind.

One more concern: None of the programs, including XP Pro loads any faster than with my 4 year old machine.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight on these issues,


Intel D975BX2
2 gig 6400C4
Tia-Chi case
Zalman S9500
Enermax 850
XP Pro
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  1. Unplug the power cable on two of the drives.

    Using your Seagate utilities, look for the one that partitions, and delete whatever is there.

    Unplug that one - replug one of the others. Repeat the above. Keep going until all three drives have no partitions.

    Get them all fired up. Pop in the XP cd and install clean.
  2. never mind psc beat me to it ;)
  3. Quote:
    Pop in the XP cd and install clean.

    Phooey, I knew that but was hoping that there may be a "quick" way of doing it.

    So, in essence, I'll be reformatting all three drives and installing XP correctly this time. While formatting, that will take care of my raid problems too - correct? I always have a hard time with Quickbooks, to the point of heart failure pertneer, which is why I was hoping for a quick fix.

    I appreciate your help and taking the time to help,

  4. Quote:
    Seagate utilities

    I neglected to mention this, guess I forgot. The raid array was not completely loaded. When entering the utility page I can only go forward and I'm unable to delete it. But then, reformatting the HD's will take care of that won't it?

    Thanks again,

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