TV Tuner won't work so far with Vista...ideas?

I have just installed Vista onto the following system:
Athlon XP 3200+
Epox 8RDA3+ Pro Motherboard
1 gig Kingston ddr400 (dual channel)
Ultra 500W power supply
NEC 3550A DVD burner
All Seagate SATA HD's (1.2 TB total storage)
LeadTek WINTV 2000 XP Expert TV/FM tuner
(It runs well btw....responsive and hasn't bogged at all on anything yet)

and a Junk/left over vid card....Nvidia Geforce 4 MX400 64mb (hey its what I had)
I am going to use the computer kinda like network storage but would also like to use it to record TV because its a nice central location for me to access it and the computer isn't good for much else with that vid card not to mention I have another computer which I use for gaming anyway which has much better hardware. Now before you go wondering why the hell I bothered to put Vista on this computer please note that I got a very good deal on it (and no, I am not talking about piracy....just leave it at that).

I was finally able to download the new 32-bit Vista drivers from LeakTek. I actually had to install the driver from windows update first to even be able to update to the new Leadtek drivers. I tried setting up my tuner several times in Media Center within Vista and it keeps saying that it does not detect a tuner card installed (and then tells me that if I want I can buy one from microsoft...... of course). The strange thing is that I installed Nero 7 Enhanced which has some sort of basic PVR application in the suite and it detects that card and even scanned channels. I get sound but still no picture...perplexing. I am wondering if its because my card is not HDCP or whatever the hell that new, not-so-great media protection is. Any ideas on this? I am sure that I am one of the first few people to have this problem so nobody knows hardly anything yet but hopefully someone will see this and know what it is. I was thinking about either a 7300GT 256 mb or 7600GS 256mb card (or maybe even a 6200 though that is pretty low) if thats what it is.
EDIT: One other note as to why I suspect its the vid card not being DRM compliant it because when I tried to play a legit DVD, WMP stopped just as it was about to play it and said something about my DVD drive or vid card not being up to standard for copy right protection. I can do it again and write exactly what it says if need be.


Thanks in advance for the replies and help. It is all appreciated.
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    It's probably not a DRM issue. My ATI HDTV Wonder card is fully DRM compliant, but not fully Vista compliant and I get similar issues with the card not being recognized. My NVidia DualTV card has no issues at all. However, I suspect that your DVD drive may be at issue here as far as playback. You should check it for HDCP compliance. Also, if LeakTek provided 32-bit Vista drivers, it would appear to me that the card should be Vista compliant and at least it should be recognized during the Media setup when no DRM files are involved.
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