No RAID drivers for ASUS P5W DH under Windows Vista!?

Seems there are serious problems with the RAID drivers for the ASUS P5W DH motherboard and other boards that are using the ICH7R chipset. Apparently the drivers Intel have provided for Vista aren't working:

Has anybody found a way around this problem and made RAID work under Vista and the Intel chipset?

On ASUS' homepage there are no RAID drivers for the Intel chipset, perhaps because Intel hasn't made them work properly yet?

Would anybody -who is already running RAID under XP- want to upgrade to Vista if they couldn't run it in a RAID configuration? I know I wouldn't! :(

Come on Intel...give us some drivers so we can install Vista!! :D
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  1. Quote:
    Come on Intel...give us some drivers so we can install Vista!! :D

    See my response in your original post in the Asus forum:

    They're out
  2. Raid works fine with Vista and this motherboard.
  3. Thanks for the advise, guys.

    You made a RAID boot floppy from the Intel homepage and pressed F6 some time during installation of Vista...or how does loading the RAID drivers work under Vista.

    Is there some way of getting rid of the floppy by copying the RAID drivers to a memory stick?
  4. If you are referring to a usb flash drive I can imagine you could do it under a few circumstances...
  5. That is indeed what I meant, Danny! :-)
    What circumstances would those be? Does Vista give you any other options than loading the RAID drivers from a 'floptical' disk?

    Would love to open the window and throw my floppy drive as far away as I could!

    brother davis, did you use the latest version of BIOS from ASUS? Would prefer not to have to flash it....anyway...

  6. I haven't tryed with a USB stick but I loaded the drivers from widnows XP while browsing so I am pretty sur it is possible.

    One circumstance I could see it not being possible is when some driver only give you a exe that extracts the file to the floppy directly.

    A work around would be extract it on a floppy and then possibly moving them to the USB would work
  7. I didn't download any drivers. The needed drivers are on the install CD (Vista). I did a clean install. Make sure your setup for RAID in the Bios and you are good to go.

    Again, this was a clean upgrade.
  8. That is excellent news Davis, I will try it as soon as I can get hold of Vista!
    Many thanks for your advise....much appreciated.
  9. You guys were absolutely right....Vista installs and runs like a charm with RAID enabled on this need for additional drivers problems whatsoever...yet! :D

    ...after my install the company for which I needed drivers was drivers for my new webcam...and none planned (great value...will try the XP drivers and if they don't work I will maintain my dual boot until I get another webcam from another company) ... and no drivers for my soundblaster least a beta on the site, which I am downloading at the moment.
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