New PC – how about these parts?

I’m going to buy a new PC for recording music and video gaming, among other things. I'm not going to overclock.

What do you think about the parts I’ve come up with? Have I forgotten anything? (For instance, do I need more fans?) And not least: are any of the parts incompatible? :)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, E6600.

Motherboard: MSI P965 Platinum,

RAM: Kingston ValueRAM 2 x 1 GB / DUAL RAM / DDR II SDRAM / PC2-4200CL4 / 533, KVR533D2N4K2/2G

Video card: ASUS (Geforce) EN8800GTS/HTDP / EN8800GTS/HTDP/640M

Hard drive: Samsung SpinPoint P120 SP2504C?

DVD: Pioneer DVR 112D (black)

Case: Antec Nine Hundred

PSU: Corsair HX620W
(though the EU model)

I’m going to get WinXP and I already have mouse, monitor, and speakers.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your input.
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  1. All excellent choices. Seagate Barracuda Perpendicular is my preferred hard drive, but Samsung is good too. What's your monitor's resolution? You may be better off saving money with the 320mb if it's below 1600x1200.
  2. Jeff, would it be worth upgrading to PC2-6400? It's more expensive, true, but looking at that video card I'm guessing he can afford it.

    "Recording music" sounds like he could use a quieter case, for example the Antec P180.

  3. ok you could one of those HDD caddies to lower the Db out put of the HDD

    xp hmm - you might regret when DX10 is full fledged and youve spent that much on you GPU - just a thought
  4. Thanks a lot for your replies, guys.

    DSidious: About the case, I chose the Nine Hundred because it’s one of the few cases that can hold a Geforce 8800 card (the P180 might be too small – at least it can’t hold a 8800 GTX card, according to what I’ve read.)

    Is the Nine Hundred very noisy then? Couldn’t I just turn down the fans if I wanted to record some audio, or would I have to keep them at full speed at all time? (Yes, I am a n00b, I know.)

    Dobby: Hmm... I must admit I don’t know what a HDD caddy is or how it would benefit me. (Yes, still a n00b.) :) Could you (or someone) elaborate?

    Jeff: The 320 MB video card was my first choice, but I read many people on the net saying that the 640 would be a safer choice for future games that will require more memory, and I thought that made sense. Do you think the 320 one would serve me as well in the long run?
  5. The P180 will let you use an 8800 GTX if you leave a hard drive bay unused to make room. I understand that the 8800 GTS (which is smaller) will fit even if you do use that bay, but I'm not sure. You did say GTS, not GTX in your original post, right?

    But you're right, there are plenty of cases that fit the 8800 GTS/GTX without such compromise, and I'm sure some of them are quiet enough. If I were you I'd do some research (Google, etc.) if it's important.

    The Antec 900 is a great case for overclockers, it has better cooling than a lot of others. However, all that air it pumps around makes noise. Same for Thermaltake Armor, for example.

    I'd go for the 640 MB version if the price difference is not a major issue. There are games that can definitely benefit from the additional memory. I guess it depends on how much money you can afford to put in this PC and when you intend to upgrade it again and what kind of games you prefer. I think Oblivion or Stalker really like lots of memory on the graphics card. There are some benchmarks on Tom's page (click the VGA charts button) that may help you decide.

    BTW, that PSU is really nice and quiet, if you can believe the reviews. I was going to get myself a Seasonic S12 but I'm starting to like the Corsair HX620W too. :lol:
  6., a HDD (hard drive disk) caddie is like a cage which goes around a hard drive as it fits into a 5 1/4" drive bay. the HDD is often suspened massively reducing the sound given by the HDD, as most of it comes form it vibrating against the case. and alot (if not most) o0f the sound given off by the PC is from the HDD

    hm, i couldnt find exactly what im looking for on newegg but this sort of thing
    ive never used this product so i dont know the extent of the improvement orhow easy it is to install

    good luck with the build
  7. No on the Samsung drives. I've had two fail in two years. That's enough for me! :cry:
  8. The 900 case has room for 2 more fans, I would use them, get the quiet ones and it should not be a problem.
    Rest of the gear looks top drawer.
  9. Quote:
    No on the Samsung drives. I've had two fail in two years. That's enough for me! :cry:

    Sorry to hear that... I understand Seagate is the best these days, but I'm sure there are people who prefer Western Digital or others. I usually replace my drives after 3 years and so far never had disk failures. They've been mostly Western Digital, a couple Seagate and Maxtor too. Any drive will fail in time, but two years, that sucks! Were you at least using them intensively, on a server for example?
  10. yeah, i like to use western digital as they are bery quite and reliable im currently running Norton AV Full sytem scan and defragging and its not loud and it pretty quick. non of which have ever failed.

    seagate are pretty good too
  11. Thanks again for your replies. You've really given me something to think about...

    DSidious, you're probably right that the Nine Hundred is too noisy. :/ Yes, it is the GTS I'm going for, but it seems that's not the only issue, size wise. Googling I just stumbled on this (

    "the feed hole for power supply cables from the PSU to the main chamber preclude one from installing a PCI card in the last slot on the motherboard... There is no way to re-route these cables without removing the flow fan in the PSU chamber."

    And since I'm going to need a PCI sound card for recording, I'm starting to obsess if it will fit. :/ Maybe I should look for another case that is both big and quiet? (I read about the Coolermasters, but they seem quite expensive...) :(

    Also Cybercraig's message makes me wonder if I should stick with the Samsung or go with one of the other brands... I wonder if you have just had some bad luck or if it's a general experience? About Seagate drives, I've read that they make some annoying clicking noises, can anyone confirm that? :)

    Generally I wonder which manufacturer makes the quietest HDDs?

    Sorry about the long post, maybe I should split it up to smaller ones in the relevant forums.
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