Considering an upgrade... but k10!? ArgH!!

well as the topic im considering to build a new rig on may but should i wait for k10 otherwise? will peryn be able to compete with k10?
if i do upgrade in may... what cpu should i use? e6420?

this if off topic but...
which mobo?
asus striker extreme or evga 680i?? :?
which will oc better with new bioses?

well im a noob so plz don get angry if u think my question is stupid...
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  1. To be truthful, we just don't know enough to give advise on the matter, never mind that we might not see DT versions of either chip for a while.
  2. well its true that we dont know much bout k10 n intel 45nm bt all i'm asking will the peformance differences between them major?

    oh ya, still considering which mobo to go with... XD
  3. What Ninja said. You ask if Penryn will be able to compete with K10? I ask will K10 be able to compete with Core 2 :P We just don't know.
  4. yeah, i know...
    we wont know until thrs benches XD

    well if i would hav get a 680i, which one? striker or evga?!
  5. Uh, unless you are going for SLI, there is no real need to go for the 680i. The P965 boards like the DS3 and DQ6 from Gigabyte do the same for cheaper. I'm not to up on the overclocking potential of the 680i, but from what I've heard, its around the same as the cheaper P965 boards.
  6. yeah the penryn series will keep up with K10, that 45nm is a beast. the trasistors are so small you can fit 400 of them on a red blood cell

    and they are planning to get them over 3Ghz, They will keep up with K10
  7. Here is a different issue though. I think Penryn will use a different chipset am I wrong? Whereas Barcelona is suppose to work with AM2? I could be wrong but this is my understanding. Also when will they start cranking out DDR3? Penryn with DDR3? Unlikely but would make things interesting. Would be interesting to see if they plan on making the transition ever/someone within the next 2 years.

    So yeah K10 will probablyan easier transition than Penryn IMO.

    Regarding performance only Hector knows.(probably not him)( I bet he doesn't know the differance between psu VGA DDR and CPU or RAM)
  9. i think peryn will work with 680i or current chipsets lol~ as alot of resources says it should... ddr3 is suppose to work with nahalem...
    correct me if im wrong~
  10. It will after a BIOS update, You know Intel, they always have it like that ;)

    Wait for them to come out, then see if K10 is better than the 45nm C2Ds
  11. Like most have said above, there is nothing that we can trust right now to go on as far as K10 and Penryn are consered. AMD and Intel have released there own test of how powerful they are, but that really doesn't say much until the possessors are out there to test.
  12. I think the evga is a better overclocker but...

    the striker hit higher speeds~
  13. actually, the Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi hit 525MHz

  14. Unless you've got absolutely no need to build a rig and are just doing it because you've got nothing better to do, don't wait for K10. So far, AMD hasn't given anyone a reason to wait for K10 because they haven't shown proof that it can even compete with C2D, much less Penryn. That doesn't mean it won't, but so far they haven't shown anything worth waiting for.

    So if you want to build now or very soon, just build C2D. I think the 680i and 965 will take Penryn but nothing's been officially stated so who knows. For 680i boards, the EVGA is very popular, I have one myself. The Striker is overpriced, but the Asus P5N32-E SLi is also good.
  15. they have not shown proof K10 exists other than conceptual...
  16. well i decided nt to wait for k10, i will also get the evga680i a1~
    thx guys for all the help! :wink:
  17. K10 for desktops won't appear in May and probably sometime Q3 '07
  18. iirc it is server chips that will paper launch in may/june... and should be another 6 months for the awaited paper launch of the desktop version...
  19. the best advice for those who don't want to wait continues to be to build AM2 now with a modest priced chip, and do a drop-in upgrade later, when needed.

    If you build with a motherboard that will not accept a drop-in upgrade, you extra future costs will include a new motherboard, a new Window's licence (for OEM Windows), for a total likely well over $200. So knowing what the upgrade path is has wallet implications.
  20. Quote:
    they have not shown proof K10 exists other than conceptual...

    well Charlie did touch it back in Germany...
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