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I have an old 40G IDE drive hanging off an external storage device that connects through USB2.0. I had no issues on XP, but when Vista calculates prior to the copy, the slow-down is intense. For small files, they copy after taking twice as long as on XP. However, if I select 30G of directories with files from 1K to 4G and everything in between, the system took 2 hours to calculate and 8 hours later it still had only copied 2G. There seems to be a USB timeout of some type going on. Any ideas for how to transfer large files off USB without this hassle?

As an aside, copying seems to be the OS weak feature here. I could not BSOD the system with normal techniques, however if I have a thumb drive in one USB port and this USB device connected and calculating for a file transfer at the same time, opening the CD player will cause it to BSOD with an error "Kernal_Data_In_Page_Error" upon command. Neat trick, but MS should not have messed with the copy function which seems so basic to a good OS experience. Hoping for a SP.
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  1. hi.
    it seems that your copy funtcion tooks forever to complete.
    why don't try to burn the data on dvd-rw and transfer
    them for your dvd-rom?
    i hope the dvd-rom would be much faster that usb.
  2. Stick with XP. Vista sucks. Total waste of money. Sorry... but I feel its true. :?
  3. *Shrugs* You're allowed your opinion. I'm moving towards the future and so far, except for a few minor inconveniences like this, it looks pretty bright.

    EDIT: Other support forums are suggesting this is really a problem between the ASUS m/b and Maxtor hard drive support. I'll have to test this out to make sure it's unrelated to the OS.
  4. Vista ultimate when compared with xp does seem a little slower when copying and moving.

    With xp moving 30gigs (ie cutting and pasting on the same partition) is pretty much instantaneous.

    With vista it can take 15-30 secs.

    Copying from also seems to take a little bit longer to start.

    NOTE: Vista has some handy things built in when copying and pasting, like ever wanna copy say 100 gigs of data in one folder which contains a vast array of other folders and files.
    In xp if you accidently select a file that cannot be copied, the entire copy for the other files fails, usually about half way through.leaving you with a jumble of folders half copied and just a big mess and waste of time.

    In vista it doesnt cause the entire copy procedure to fail, it just tells you that file cannot be copied, but allows the rest of the files/folders to be copied.
    Also (in vista) when it finds files with the same name it allows more options than just overwrite or not,and it looks ahead and asks you if you wanna do this for the remaining number of files.
  5. I found the problem. I have an ASUS motherboard and this particular m/b doesn't play well with Maxtor harddisks. After I saw the ASUS forum users that had the same issue, I threw in a WD drive, and it went much quicker even on USB. The only issue I have is the same with most versions of Windows - the calculated time is off by a ridiculous amount for large files all the way up to about 3/4 done (it suddenly drops from 1 Day to 1 Hour left). Their backup time has the same issue. I'll manage to get over it. :)
  6. I imagine they'll fine tune this later down the road... (hopefully)
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