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Does it work, if not when?
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  1. For what cards on what board and what execution (32 bit vs 64 bit)
  2. 32 bit Biz edition, cards and board in sig
  3. Quote:
    Does it work, if not when?

    With the latest drivers (100.59) there is no SLI support :(. I believe 100.54 has SLI support...

    *Also you don't live far from me (Coon Rapids)*
  4. My onboard sound was causing blue screen crashes during boot so I just disabled it in safe mode. I use a X-FI card anyway.

    The default Vista DVD nvidia driver also failed to install.

    Latest Nvidia website driver worked fine.

    Other than that ez install.
  5. Have you tried Bf2 in Vista yet?
  6. Just on RC1 not on real Vista, but its still a 1 card wonder I guess till SLI can be enabled.

    I'm itchin so sell my GT's for a 8800, but since they play bf2 without a hitch I'll wait.

    I think about 3/4 of my 2 gigs of RAM was used up while palyin.
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