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Vista won't connect to secure network

Hello - I have a CompUSA (FMI) wireless router running WPA (TKIP) w/ passphrase. Works great on several XP Pro machines. Just purchased a Gateway MX3705 w/ Vista Home Premium. It finds the network but will not connect, and when I "diagnose" the problem it says it failed for "an unknown reason." There is an un-secured network in my neighborhood, and the computer can connect fine to this, so I think the card is OK.

Things I've tried:

-Removing security from our wireless network. Still wouldn't connect.
-Changing mode from "AP" to "ad-hoc". Connected! But my wired machines would not connect, and it still wouldn't allow any kind of security.

Any ideas?

Update: Tried to get it to work with a USB wireless adapter and still no luck. Must be some incompatibility between Vista and the router.
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  1. I have Ultimate and received the exact same problem. I found that my wireless Linksys USB G card, version 4, lost more than half its range using Vista drivers. I placed my D-Link router on a higher shelf to make sure nothing was in the way of transmission and that completely solved the problem. I am waiting for good Linksys drivers to improve the range again.
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    FIXED! I forced an upgrade to the latest Realtek drivers (for the wireless adapter) despite Vista insisting that they were up to date.
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