X1950 XT or X1950 Pro?

Hi guys. I am currently finalising the specs for my new PC and was wondering if it is worth spending the extra money (which sum up to around 60 euros or 90 $) for an X1950XT over the X1950 Pro. Is there a considerable performance difference (for that price there should be...) or will the Pro serve me well? Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is a big performance difference, the XT will do much better at higher resolutions and tougher titles.

    Having said that, if you game at 1280x1024 , the pro will serve you fine for a while.
  2. For the price you're paying for X1950XT, I'd seriously recommend you to consider 8800GTS.

    I don't know about Europe, but it can be bought for $219 after rebate here, which I purchased 3 weeks ago.
  3. 8800GTS for $219 after rebate? Wow.

    That one I couldn't find on Newegg... which site?
  4. we dont have the "after rebate" system here...you pay what you see :x
  5. Yeah, MIRs...I hate those friggin things.
  6. They count on most people not going through the trouble of actually submitting the rebate properly. I never consider rebates as a "final" price because a lot of times (at least in my experience) it can take months to receive it if they come at all.
  7. MIRs work fine as long as you follow their requirements and follow up on them yourself. Every MIR I've done has come through except one and that was because I sent it after the rebate period. You are responsible for complying with the rebate requirements and following up to make sure you get your money. Most rebates can be tracked online a month after it has been sent.

    Yes they do take months to get and it is a pain to set reminders for you to check on them, but a $220 320MB 8800GTS would be worth the hassle.

    EDIT: @Cleeve, the rebate special for the $220 320MB 8800GTS dried up nearly overnight once the 8600 series cards became available but it was on Newegg for a little while.
  8. Unfortunately, there are no rebates over here.

    I plan on playing at no more than 1280x1024 (and if I can get my hands on a good CRT even less as they do not have that stupid native resolution issue). But I like sims and racing games and lag just destroys the gameplay on those two, thus I would like some decent horsepower.

    I too would want an 8800 GTS but that is $80 on top of the X1950XT, which is already 90 over the X1950Pro. That's a bit too much I reckon.

    So the consensus seems to be for the X1950XT... interesting.
  9. The deal ended, it was a St Patrick's day thing, it had an additional $50 instant rebate on top of the regular mail in rebate, and it went out of stock in like 3 hours.
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