Thermalright Ultra-120 out of stock..2nd option??

so the Thermalright Ultra-120 is out of stock, help me pick the next best heatsinks,. i heard that Noctua NH-U12F and Tuniq Tower 120 are good too. if the price of those two are about the same, which one should i go with? and when will thermalright ultra-120 in stock again?? its my 1st time searching for heatsinks so i dont follow the "in-stock" stuff and will any 120mm fan works for those heatsink? i already got Masscool Shin-Etsu x23 thermal paste, i know its a good paste, thanks to this forum. i m not in a hurry to buy,i'll wait if i know thermalright ultra-120 will be in stock soon.
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  1. The Tuniq Tower 120 is the best air cooler but it's a major pain to install because the screws are delicate and often times, the screw heads pop off. It's happened to numerous people here.

    If you want a simple cooler that just pops on, I recommend the Scythe Infinity. I have it and it's an awesome cooler, my temps never go above 44c at full load.

    There are also good reports on the Zalman 9700 and the Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7.
  2. If you want the best air cooler then get the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. It's new so you need to wait for a bit. Go to I know they sell em.
  3. I called Frozen and they said they would be getting a shipment in next week, and that they would most likely stop carring the standard 120.
  4. they are in stock at
    heres a link
  5. Does that thing need a fan? I don't see a spot to mount one. Also, how much does that sucker weigh?
  6. Quote:
    they are in stock at
    heres a link

    Out of stock
  7. Quote:
    Does that thing need a fan? I don't see a spot to mount one. Also, how much does that sucker weigh?

    You "could" run it without a fan, but for proper cooling yes you would want to add a 120mm fan. The HS comes with mounting for a fan, just be sure to get a fan with holes.

    Something like 790G
  8. If you are watching Newegg just wait a half a day or a full day. They always run out and have them back in stock that day or the next. It's a REALLY good cooler. I have one and think it's the best one I ever seen.
  9. Don't know if anyone else has tried this one. I just got it today and will install tonight. Reviews looked good, but we'll see. It seems huge to me since this is the first non-stock HSF I've ever bought. Hopefully it lets me go a little further on the x2 OC.

    Everyone was sold out except this place. I ordered Sat night and got it at noon today via UPS ground.

    I'll post results back here if anyone is interested.


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