Help, I deleted a partition accidentally. Need to recover it

I booted off the windows xp CD to partition an extra hard drive, but I accidentally deleted the main partition of my boot drive. i had to quickformat it to install windows on another drive. i am not writing any files to the drive at the moment and there must be a way to retreive the partition. i heard as long as you don't overwrite the data, you can somehow recover it. can someone help me recover that lost partition?
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  1. Try this from KB245725:

    To Recover a Deleted NTFS Volume
    1. Re-create the exact same volume but choose not to format it. This may be difficult if you do not remember the exact size you had created originally, especially because the Disk Management snap-in tends to round partition sizes.
    2. Using Dskprobe.exe, recover the backup boot sector for the NTFS volume from the end of the volume. Because it is a dynamic volume you may need to use Dmdiag.exe to help find the backup boot sector, or search for it by using Dskprobe.exe (on the Tools menu, click Search Sectors).
    3. After rewriting the NTFS boot sector, quit Dskprobe.
    4. In Disk Management, click Rescan Disks on the Action menu. This should mount the volume for immediate use.
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