Best Movie Editing Software?

sometime in 2007 im going to be purchasing some movie editing software.
So far iv'e try adobe premier pro and ulead movie studio pro but i want to give all the decent ones a try before i fork out a load of cash. What other movie editing software packages would you recommend?
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  1. Im also trying to find a demo version of Avid's Xpress Pro but after alot of searching iv'e had no luck. Anyone know if there is such a demo or where i could get it?
  2. Both Avid and Adobe Premier would be a good buy. If Video Editing is your profession, Avid is the one you want.
  3. CyberLink Power Director 5 would be worth a try
  4. Try Sony Vegas too. They have a professional edition and a home user edition (Vegas Movie Studio) plus a pretty good DVD authoring package.

    You can download a 30-day trial version at their website. Also checkout their forums... they have an active user community that shares tips and tricks.
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