XP Media Center 2005 and Flash Player

Almost everything online runs in Flash Player. Yahoo! news video, Comedy Central it all requires the latest Flash Player.

So I was just plain bushwacked by the sight last night that Flash Player would not install. Well I finally got it to work, I had to practically kill all my security settings and even then there was one hiccup: no video.

I am running Windows Media Center and using it to access online video like Comedy Central's MotherLoad and MTVs Overdrive, also Reuters and other news. But for some reason, I only have audio, no video.

Any thoughts or advice or help?
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  1. Advice. Throw in a second hd. Go to Disk Management and set it up as your "D" drive. I STRONGLY recommend that you format it NTFS - but not the Quick. Let it run overnight as you sleep.

    Put all the "stuff" on it you would die without. Also create another folder on it called Downlds - and download both Sun Java SE Runtime 6.0 and Adobe Flash Player into that folder. Get the Flash from Softpedia, NOT Adobe. Adobe won't let you download it - it's only a straight install.

    Shut down - temporarily pull the power plug on the storage drive.

    Restore/reinstall (depending on the disc you have) XP Media Center. Make sure you're connected to the net. When the install is done, go up to Control Panel - Automatic Updates - and temporarily turn it off. Shut down. Replug the "D" drive. Restart.

    Before you do anything else, install Java - it's a quiet install - give it a couple of minutes. When you see no more hd activity - restart.

    Next, install the Flash Player. Restart.

    Restore Automatic Updates.
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