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USB Device & Add Hardware Wizard Issue

Last response: in Windows XP
February 2, 2007 6:43:10 PM

I'm working on a friends PC. The main complaint was that USB devices aren't working (flash drive, card reader, printer..). It's running XP Pro that was cleanly installed just a few months ago by myself. I've never run into this issue before..

Turns out flash drives/card readers connect, but the Add New Hardware Wizard comes up each time a different device is connected. Once you just go through it and let it grab a driver it's fine. However, he doesnt understand any of that (as simple as it is), and it shouldnt be doing it in the first place. It should blow through the install itself the first time one of these is connected, then from then on bring up the "What do you want Windows to do?" window.

I havent been able to find any information with this with XP, and any similar instances I find on forums or TechNet are with Windows 2000.

UPnP Device Host service is running, Plug and Play service is running, and PnP OS is enabled in the BIOS. (It wasnt at first, but I set it to Yes and the problem still exists.) All Windows updates are up to current.

I'm baffled. Anyone know of a solution to this?

February 5, 2007 8:13:47 AM

I would update the Mainboard drivers; cant think of anything else. Lets us know if it works.

February 5, 2007 4:23:09 PM

It's an MSI board. I updated the USB 2.0 drivers from the MSI site, but no success. I dont recall seeing any other chipset drivers, and a couple of the BIOS updates mentioned various fixes, but none of which were related to the USB controller.

I returned it to him for now, and just filled him in on the matter, explaining how to get around it. I looked high and low in Windows, so it very well might be a board issue.

If I eventually stumble across something, I'll post the result.