Vista's speech recognition-let soup more better!

I watched a video of Vista's new speech recognition software on youtube link and thought perhaps people who have Vista could use their software to attempt to chat in this thread (without correcting it, preferably) and see where this ends up. So if you can please tell me how your experience with the software has been going (as I haven't made the jump myself yet), I'm hoping something either brilliant or frightening may come out of it. Kind of the thousand monkeys with typewriters thing.
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  1. Actually when I have used it, it has worked pretty well. Some hiccups hear and there but nothing too bad. If I ever feel real talkative I'll use it again :)
  2. Thanks. Hmmm...I was hoping for some engrish.
  3. I makes some mistakes. I am currently "writing" a novel with speech recognition and I have to say that all the mistakes that were made improved my book significantly.
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