Windows Crashes when Flash runs

I have a computer in my room that has a problem whenever I seem to do something with flash, especially things like youtube.

It will start playing the video but within a minute (normally very quickly) it just hangs, and will normally give me a high pitched squeel out of the speakers.

I just reinstalled windows and ran through the windows updates, that hasnt seemed to help.

Also, that last time it happened it told me that the driver for the geforce2 mx400 pci video card that is in the computer failed to loud, and it crashed completely (which was weird, because it happened several seconds after the computer hung like it always would upon opening a youtube video). I went ahead and updated the driver on the video card, but it still crashes, and now the onboard video wont start. It is a via onboard video chipset, and its telling me the device cannot load, code 10. If I try and update the driver windows tells me that there isnt a more current update.

I also have the sound card disabled to rule that out, it doesnt seem to be causing the problem.

So, what my question really is, does this sound like it is a windows problem still? Or is it more likely something like a loose video card, or possible a dieing ps? It seems like something software related, since it always hangs upon running a flash movie, but I am at a loss as to what more to do at this point, since I cant trying running off of the onboard video.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I tried watching a video on google video with the updated driver, the driver crashed again. The error message said that the driver stopped responding, and the name of the driver was th nv4_disp display driver. It looks more and more like its either a bad video card or a 2nd troublesome driver, once I get my onboard video working I'll trying running off of that and seeing if that works.
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  1. No insult taken, I actually have the parts for a new computer on the way, and even before that this computer is my second one, all I do on it is use it to play music and check my email in my room, nothing more than that. So if I can't fix it it wont be a big deal, I just dont want to waste it, I can always use it for something (I'm kindof a pack rat... ). I actually think the ps is bad, I have a feeling that it fried the onboard and the pci graphics card, seeing as how its just getting worse and worse. I have a good ps from my other hp that I'll swap in tomorrow, hopefully it wont get anyworse, but I think I'll have to get a new graphics card if I want to keep it going.

    BTW, its an amd athlon xp1700+ w/512mb of pc 133 ram and geforce 2 mx400 graphics, and a sb live sound card. Not much, but when it worked it was a nice little computer just to play music and stuff. I guess I'll have to see how much a pci graphics card will cost, to see if its worth keeping.
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