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So I have a standard linksys router with a cable modem, ethernet connection, and Cox internet. Internet seemed to be working fine until about a day ago, just 2 hours after upgrading to Vista. Internet on vista was working fine for a bit before that. Cox says they see everything fine with my connection and on my home wireless network my laptop (the one that I am on now) can still pick up the signal and go on the internet. On the desktop it says that it is connected but it still doesnt work and when I click the diagnose/repair button it says theres a problem but windows cant fix it. Ive already tried the power cycle method, checked with Cox, and rechecked all the cables as well.

EDIT- I tried ASUS Support CD I got with the motherboard and it seems to not support vista so in turn the drivers for the LAN would probably not support either. Is this the problem?
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  1. On the Vista PC, open a command prompt and type "ipconfig/all" and then post the output here.

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