I installed a bunch of video players & codecs today

...and now I'm actually compatible with FEWER formats!

Anyway, before today all I had installed was Windows Media Player (I finally made the switch to 11 on my new PC since I'm finally on SP2 with it) Shockwave, and Flash.

So anyway, I installed Quicktime Alternative (which comes with Media Player Classic, of course), Realtime Alternative (without installing MPC yet again, but it seems to be functioning here... well, sortof), the ffdshow tryouts beta (which I uninstalled already to see if it was the culprit, to no avail) and also VLC.

So as far as I can tell, here's what's going on with most of my video formats:
.WMV - I can't even get this working even for a file of the format to download when I click it in an internet browser...?_?... Completely, 100% screwed at the moment.
.MOV - Actually this one's not doing so bad right now. It's just extremely faded in a sort of reddish-brownish color.
.RAM (realplayer video) - I can get it to the same state as the .MOV files in Media Player Classic by changing the renderer from the default to either DX7 or DX9, but obviously even that isn't exactly "working".
.DIVX - I can't say I've thought of anything to test this with yet.

How exactly should I go about restoring the capabilities of my computer to play video files properly?
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  1. Hmm... Well today, .WMV links do at least seem to open in Windows Media Player 11. I still get no video on those or the default renderer for RealPlayer video in Media Player Classic. .MOV QuickTime files are still faded in whichever player. For whatever odd reason, I can't think of any .DivX files I used to use, so still no test of that.

    Should I try uninstalling & reinstalling all the players, or will that not remove any codecs if they're the problem?
  2. Well, in case anybody else ever ends up with this. Here's two things to do:

    Install this anyway, cause it's awesome.

    Then say "to hell with this awful new Nvidia control panel" and downgrade your graphics drivers to the classic level, because your newer drivers are defaulting to 0% (ZERO!!!) brightness, contrast, and saturation for color settings, among other problems. (no Coolbits, for example - haven't tried Rivatuner yet)

    I need a major defrag now...?_?...

    EDIT in response to the below post just to humor him:

    There are several reasons I didn't use the edit button.

    1 - I just didn't think of it. (the first forums I ever used - & still by far my most active - were the GameFAQs PC boards; no edit, no nothing.)

    2 - Do you honestly care about your post count? o_O If you think I do, take a look at the year I joined (and tell me, because I've forgotten) and guess how active I haven't been.

    3 - Perhaps you read my topic, and didn't have an idea at the time (now this isn't what I was thinking, but it falls in line anyway) Now I have an update to my plight, and you see the orange icon again, so you come in to read the new post.

    As far as the codec packs, none of them overlapped, and the media players themselves don't overlap anymore than installing all the first party media players would. And with this uber-codec-pack I really don't have any overlap, while I maintain maximum coverage.

    But why have that many codecs in the first place? Well because I use them. I play video files, and a lot of them are encoded in different formats. I've already used 70% of the codecs I've installed. I know XVid & DivX are quite popular too, so I'm sure to run into those soon too.

    In any case, the Nvidia color correction error (it's more of a bug) is apparently quite common, despite not being well known about. You can, of course, easily fix it by using drivers from the classic control panel era.
  3. just out of curiosity, do not know how to use the edit tab or are you double and triple posting just to get your posts up?

    there is no reason for 3 posts here, I hope you know how obvious this is, unless of course you don't know how to use the edit tab.

    now if anybody is reading this, never install bunch of codec packs, just use one.
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