Wich is the best antivirus?! Does a classament was made?! Wich ones are in top 10?!
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  1. Best is very subjective but IMO most of the people use Symantec by a large margin...

    Symantec (about 70% market share)
    McAfee (18%)
    Trend Micro (12%)

  2. Well in my opinion Kaspersky is the best. From products listed above I'd been using only Symantec.
  3. I prefer Kaspersky in paid versions. If its a free one...i would prefer AVG.
  4. The best for me is an Internet Security package, i prefer the one from BitDefender, it has a really good detection rate.In this package you get Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware and Firewall. The price isn't high , you get 2 users for 2 years at the price of 1 year.And the best thing, i think , is that it updates each hour.

    You can get more info on their site
  5. nod32 is the lightest, fastest and updated the most ;)

    hands down its the best IMO and I have tried the others ;)
  6. Like i know , Nod32 updates once a day or something like this while Bitdefener updates every hour. Or ain't i right?
  7. not so, plus bit is heavier and slower.

    btw nod updates multiple times a day ;) besides what the hell in the name of god needs to be updated every hour?
  8. when did you last tried to use bitdefender? it's not heavy and it's not slow (unless you deep scan your hdds)

    nod32 is based on pro-active engine to react without signatures. But what if it doesn't react at all?? Then you will be glad to use an antivirus that updates often enough not have a problem with viruses. Such antiviruses are bitdefender, avira or kaspersky.

    on top all of that bitdefender has a firewall.
  9. I tried it few month ago, I'm a software tester on my own time and have a software site.

    comparing to nod bitdefender is much heavier and slower then nod.

    as far as updates go, if there is any signature updates that are needed they are updated immediately, there are no set times needed, as soon as its needed it updates.

    updating hourly is completely pointless and waste of time and process, nothing needs updating hourly, instead you just update when its needed and nothing needs to update hourly unless its not stable and need to get patches ;)

    not sure what you are trying to say but nod has no problem with viruses.

    you have a connection to bitdefender so ofcourse you are going to boost them.

    I however am not connected to either app or company, I'm just a tester and I'm letting the readers know that nod is a much better anti virus comparing to others out there. its lighter and faster.

    plus what is a point of a scan if its not deep scan? thats pointless.

    firewall? great, another uneeded process that can slow your pc down.

    if users want a firewall then they will get it from you, stop forcing and bundling your softwares to push your apps on people.

    so far you are making defender look worst then it did before
  10. I saw this post as I was trying to find an antivirus for my computer. I'm a big fan also of Nod 32. I registered because I saw this stupid argument about these two anti-viruses software.

    IMHO both are really good I was using Nod32 for about2 years, but recently I had a problem with a Trojan that infected my PC badly. My shield was up and the updates were from that day. Nod alerted me that he found some sort of zlob variant but couldn't do anything about it. :( After getting infected I saw that I was starting to get a lot of pop-ups even when I had my browser closed.

    So after a little digging on security sites and I found out that the best choice for these types of problems was on-line scanning tried all sorts of on-line scanners and all have detected the same zlob (but with different names because of the analysis labs that discovered it). The only thing is that the vast majority of these scanners only detect the viruses they don't remove it. The online scanner that did this was BitDefender's scanner.

    After this I looked around for bitdefender and found out that is pretty appreciated, so I downloaded a trial from their site and installed it. I must say that I didn't saw any difference of performance from my pc (p4@1800MHz with 512MB SDRAM and Win XP Prof, pretty old :( ) after installing bitdefender. Also I enjoyed the firewall function that has also a program control feature and also the anti-spam filter that puts a tool bar in my Outlook.

    I would recommend bitdefender as long as you can have the money to buy (it's not expensive but don't have the funds right now :) ) over nod32 as I had that problem with it.
    The only thing now is that my trial will now expire and I'm looking for a free good antivirus for as long as 3 months.

    Sorry for the long post :D
  11. As free antiviruses you can use BitDefender's free version or the one from Avast .I would recommend you nod32 if it had a free version, because it is a good antivirus , but in my opinion not as good as BitDefender.

    edklite , my only connection with bitdefender is BitDefender IS 10 and the connection to their update servers and sometimes to the support.The only thing , why i ''boost'' them is that i like BitDefender.

    Are you trying to tell me that this is a safe world and i don't need any Firewall?
    Some people prefer to buy a bundle because its cheaper than buying firewal,antispam,antispyware and antivirus separately.And i am one of them.

    I cant make BitDefender look worst because i dont make bitdefender , i just use it.
  12. As long as no one else uses my PC, who needs anti virus. Been using PC's from 94, never had a virus. Soon as I got a roommate, virus city.

    Good surfing/downloading habits and access control is the best anti virus. After that stay away from IE/outlook and warez/porn.

    Seriously, I use AVG 7.5 free, Firefox 2.0 , and Spybot search and destroy. I installed ie7 and maxed out security in case someone uses my system and has to have that turd of a program.

    I've seen to many systems crash on Norton to recommend it. AVG is pretty lite.
  13. Grisoft's AVG has been the most effective so far for me. I just upgraded to its 7.5 as its older version is no longer supported. I find it a light anti virus application since it does not eat much of my old PC resources.
    Free Software Downloads
    Email Notifier with auto-login for Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail
  14. Grisoft would be the no:1 choice. Even it got antispyware application with it.
  15. NOD32, AVG or Avast! They are free but if you like one it is good to pay for it.

    Symatic, McAfee and Kaspersky sometimes are worse than the viruses that they are supposed to cure.
  16. Which one would people recommend that isnt a resource pig.

    My mcafe causes huge delays before it does anything (like reminding me to pay for another years subscrription), and I dont want it doing that on my new computer.
  17. nod32 try anything else and you will see nod is the lightest ;)
  18. Nod32 is excellent for a paid app. Many use some of the free one's - see the links in the sticky. I've been using Avast! for 2 years without problems - but the best protection is your own usage habits.
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