in 7 days ill be ordering me a AMD Athlon64 x2 3800+

any advice on what to do if i mess up removin the old chip n installin the new 1?

should i just call a pc repair person to do it for me even tho they will charge me money that i dont have

heres the chip im get
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  1. You sure your motherboard is Socket AM2?
  2. amd has so many sockets if i had that many kids i be broke!

    u better find out what socket - changing the chip is easy.

    make sure you get the cpu hot so the heat sink comes off easy!
  3. unlike socket 775 even if it fits my Intel 915G cant support dual cores. The socket approach is great for consumers to decide faster. To have one socket is more risky.

    Intel 865G supports more chips than mine...
  4. As the others said, check your motherboard is socket AM2 and not 939.

    Also, whilst removing a heat sink and fan isn't difficult it has to be done with care as you can bend / break off the pins from your existing processor which a) renders that processor useless (although sometimes you can find people able to do repairs) and b) risks damage to the socket.

    Also make sure you are familiar with handling procedures and heatsink fitting procedures as a fingerprint in the wrong place or damaged TIM (I presuming you'll be using the preapplied TIM), or air between the heatsink, TIM and processor can all adversly affect thermal performance.

    Finally make sure you're grounded whilst handling the processor as static can ruin a processor quite easily. I have a long length of thick copper cored speaker cable that I tie around my wrist at one end (stripped of insulation) and around a copper raditor pipe at the other (also stripped) (my heating system IS grounded), and I use this whenever I make any changes to motherboard processor or associated components.
  5. what's the unit's main purpose? is it for general use? have you tried Heatsinks? It could be easy if you got your motherboards model.
  6. Here are some videos for you to watch:

    AMD Processor Installation Videos

  7. ya its socket AM2 its used mostly for regular stuff but im also gonna get some games an the board is an asus

    hey thnx for ur replys
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