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Recently was given old Dell Pentium II laptop. Want to use for travel. OS is Win 2K but can't do a thing with it. Disks not available to reinstall, so I'd like to reformat HD and install Win ME because it's simple and doesn't make big resource demands. But laptop has no floppy drive so can't use boot disk. I could buy external floppy -- but when HD is formatted there'll be no driver to run the floppy drive.

Any solution?? :cry:
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  1. My personal recommendation would be to reinstall Windows 2000, or if you don't want to go that route Windows 98. Windows me will be more of a resource hog than 2000. But in any case, you can find a bootable CD of any of the 3 OSes or make one yourself. There are many tutorials online of how to make a CD image bootable by adding a bootable floppy image (like a Windows 98 Startup Disc) to the CD. MagicISO has an easy to follow tutorial on their site (their software is $30 or a demo version that has a 300MB iso image limit) which can be applied to other ISO editing software. Of course most Windows 2000 setup discs are bootable.
  2. Problem is I do not have WIN 2K CD to reinstall from and laptop does not have floppy drive.
  3. If you have a bootable CD you don't need a floppy drive. If you don't have an install CD you can easily find one on peer-to-peer networks like eMule or torrent sites like isohunt.com.
  4. Thanx much for all your info. I will definitely check it out and keep you posted -- as soon as I replace the A/C power block which seems to have vanished... :( I've found it on couple websites pretty inexpensively.
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