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Cannot RDP from XP To Vista

Has anybody figured out how to RDP from their XP Machine to a Vista PC.
I have a roommate who just got a HP Laptop with Vista and being the house Tech I was trying to RDP to the Laptop from my XP Box with Little Results. Both Machines have RDP Enabled, I have updated the Terminal Service on the XP Box as I had read this was required due to Vista having a Newer RDP than XP but no Luck. I have been through a million posts on the internet where it seems I'm not alone.

If anybody has figured out the procedure it would be greately appreciated if they could post it here for all to see.

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    Go to the Microsoft website and be sure to install the latest RDP update. I was able to RDP from XP to a Vista machine.. than again, Vista was RC2 at the time being.
  2. I have been reading on RDP from XP SP2 to Vista home premium. From what Ive been able to find out, Home Premium does not do the HOST, only the client. In otherwords, you can RDP out of vista but not in, am I reading this right?.. Is there a workaround that anybody has worked out yet?
  3. Vista Business and Ultimate are the only editions that alllow RDP connections in. All Vista Editions can access RDP desktops.

    Other than that, I don't think this is a work around, other than upgrading to either Business or Ultimate. I might upgrade to Ultimate because I tend to RDP my desktop at home a lot. I haven't really found any 3rd party applications yet either... that are free.

    Hope this helps
  4. This is good info, so the lower end of Vista Editions to not allow to RDP in?? Thanks Microsoft. I think in the end I will probably Blast my roomates Laptop with XP in my opinion it's still the king far above vista.

  5. I guess Ill have to agree with coachmcrackin. XP is still the best. Unfortunately, I have to stick with my Vista Home Premium for a bit. At least till I can afford to upgrade to Ultimate. I do like Vista, but had i known some of the shortcommings, I probably would have opted for XP Pro.
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