Nero 7 won't work with Vista?? Anyone got alternatives??

So I can't get Nero 7 to work with Vista. Having no burning software is a problem. Anyone got ANY version of Nero to work?

If so, how?
If not, ANY other burning software work on Vista?

Much thanks.
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  1. What version do you have? I am running and I am having no problems. I know the previous versions of Nero 7 were having problems with Vista.
  2. Well, I have the Nero 7 Essentials that came with my mobo or whatever. However, I tried downloading the 7.7.5 trial version, just to see if that would work in Vista and no luck.

    Didn't want to waste money on the full version if the trial didn't work.......

    I'll uninstall and try again. Says "Known compatiblity problem with Vista".

    [edit: CRAP. Now I can't install it. Problem with the installer and it has to stop. :evil: ]
  3. I have Nero up and running fine on my PC. It doesn't need to run in compatibility mode either.

    Are you sure it's not conflicting with something else?

    Check Nero's website and download the latest version, it's listed as being Vista compatible.
  4. skyguy try to right click on the installation setup and select run as administrator. You dont have to apply any hacks or edits or reboot into safe mode to install as an administrator.

    *Disable UAC if you feel comfortable without it. Click Windows Key + R in run menu type msconfig then Click Tools Tab then Highlight "Disable UAC". then Click Launch. This will stop the popup prompt that asks if you want to do anything.
  5. 7.7.5 does work prefectly
    Nero Lite willwork as well
  6. Ya, it looks like my problem is not Nero per se.....I think.

    I got UAC disabled, and managed to "hack-uninstall" Nero. Tried reinstalling.......same problem. Says "Known compatibility issues with Vista", told it to continue, but Installer craps out at the end. Gives me an error, but am at work so can't remember now. Will try to post when I get home tonight.

    This is weird because ALL my other programs installed on Vista without a hitch except my Mouseware which says it can't run on Vista. But why Nero? Very weird.

    I'll report back tonight, thanks for the ideas so far.
  7. Ok, I try to uninstall Nero Essentials and I get an error saying that the Installer must close, then I get this error:

    So then I can't complete an uninstall.

    Trying to install........the installer works, then just simply "finish" to press, no "ok", nothing. Just disappears.

  8. that is weird, I read that Nero is one of the Vista Compliant software are launch with 7.7.5 and up. The fact that you can't un-install it is weird

    I did not try my 7.5 version because I heard it would not work.

    Last suggestion, delete physically nero, live with the entry in Software and Features and use this: Here specially if it is basic brunign you do!
  9. Thanks, I'll try that. Ya, I just need something to burn. But just in case, I'm gonna try out Roxio too and see if that works.

    [edit: SUCCESS!!!! Wow, that was fast! Got Lite working, Nero Express. At least now I can burn, don't need the fancy toys. I'll see about the uninstall stuff tomorrow....if it doesn't work, I can live with one little glitch display item in the list.

    Thanks Labbby!!]
  10. Glad it works, I use Nero Vision quite a lot but I would've made the jump to the lite version if I didn't need it, nice piece of non-bloated software this guy made!

    At zpyrd I think he uses that CD that comes with the burner, I doubt you can Upgrade with this CD.
  11. Yes, I did use the CD that came with the burner, so it's legit but I am limited as to what sort of upgrades I can do.

    However, what started out as a problem and what I THOUGHT was Nero not working with Vista, in fact turned out to be a problem with the Installer, not Nero itself. So, I posted to help to understand Nero and Vista.....I did check their website, but it didn't work which is why I was confused.

    Apparently the 2 issues stated above prevented me from using/upgrading my legit software, and I didn't realize it until AFTER Labbbby made it known.

    Can't count how many times I've helped someone around these forums with a problem that ended up being very different than what they THOUGHT it was in the first place........guess I'm mortal as well, eh? ;)

    And as for WinVista Analyzer.....I wasn't aware of it to be honest. I did a clean install on a new hard drive for Vista, not an upgrade on my current I never came across such an option. Call me paranoid, but I have data that I simply cannot lose on WinXP and I wasn't willing to possibly compromise my data in order to save some money on an upgrade package instead of a full package. So I just went full package and fresh install on a new drive.

    S'all good though, no harm no foul. It's now working, I'm on Vista, my data is safe, got my burning software to if only the Leafs could win at home, eh? ;)

    So Lite will work for me, I just need basic software to backup my data, that's what I'm primarily interested in. Works for me. Thanks again for the help Lab.
  12. You welcome, good stuff you mentionned you're a lefs fan after I helped you because no help for them usually :evil:

  13. LMAO, yeah good thing, eh? ;)

    Sorry to hear about your Habs....LOL :twisted:
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