best method to install an ultra-120 extreme

I ordered one and am patiently waiting for it to get delivered. I read through the installation instructions but am wondering. After backplate is attached, is it best to do the rest of the install after the board is mounted and secured to the case? I would think if mounting was done totally outside the case, there would be a danger in torquing and snapping the board when moving it into the case with that beast on there.

How did you guys install your oversized HS?

Also, I have a P5B-Deluxe in a p182. Is it best to set this thing up North/South or East/West?
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  1. It's usually easier to fully attach it outside the case. But if your mobo has some screws that are unreachable when the HSF is on, it might work better to screw the mobo into the case before attaching the HSF, probably not the case though.

    I would put it "east/west" airflow because you want that little bit of airflow going over the fins on the heatsink for your P5B and directly out the back of the case. Any air that doesn't go directly out the back will be warm and rise to the top fan and out. If you had it "north/south" it might eddy around the top fan and circle over the memory. No big deal though, either way should work just fine.
  2. Cool, that makes sense. In the P182, there is a 120mm directly above I believe blowing out. It makes sense to setup the HS East/West and have the fan on the HS at the bottom (South) blowing up:

    [exhaust fan on case]

    [heat sink fan]

    Air flow direction is all up.
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