Questions about moving Vista from one PC to a New PC later?

Questions about moving Vista from one PC to a New PC later?
I have XP Pro. I'm thinking of buying the Vista Ultimate Upgrade but I want to eventually build a new system later. Can I move Vista Ultimate to a new build later and either keep it on my current PC as a back up? or reinstall XP Pro on my current PC after I've built and installed Vista Ultimate on the new build?
Does this make since?

After I build a new one later this year, my current PC will go to my wife.
My current PC Specs.
Here's my specs:
GIGABYTE "GA-8IK1100" i875P
Intel Prescott 3.2E
Aquagate Water cooling System
OCZ 4GB (4 x 1GB) PC 3200 Dual Channel Platinum System Memory
Supertalent memory cooler
HIS Excalibur ATI Radeon X850XT IceQ II Turbo VIVO 256MB AGP
Maxtor 200GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with 8MB Cache
Seagate 200GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with 8MB Cache
CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
Benq 1655 DVD-RW
Ultra X-Connect2 550W PSU
Windows XP Pro w/sp2
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  1. From what i know you can with the full version. Thought i don't really know with the upgrade.
    But if and when yo do you have to call indows everytime you reinstall windows.

    Hope that helped, unless you already have the answer to that :D
  2. You should be able to, providing that its a retail upgrade, not an OEM version. I'm not sure with Vista, but with other OEM software, you can't move it to another PC, so make sure its a retail disc.

    I would just leave the upgrade on that PC and get a full OEM copy for your new PC, rather than reverting back to XP, once you know everything works of course.
  3. Tho note thatwith the OEM copy there is more limits to hardware changing. (ei motherboard,). But depending on ifyou change MB's out or not it may or may not be a factor.
  4. I have found that if you move vista to a new pc with no common thread that it will not boot. The way I introduce a common thread is to add a ide card to the old system with drivers a dvd and a harddrive. After the old system knows about it move vista onto the drive on the new card. After a boot on old machine from the new harddrive move the ide card and the copy of vista to the new mackine and do driver updates and then go through reactivation. everything should then work.
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