From Scartch (First and only thread...I promise)...

I do apologize for posting in so many forums; I just thought that I had to since each post was concerning a different component of the PC I want to build. Once again I do apologize; this time, this will be the one and only post on my first-time-PC-building questions.

Okay, here’s what I got already:
- 630w PSU
- 2 GB RAM (with copper coolers)
- 250 GB HDD
- 500 GB External HDD
- CD/DVD ROM drive and a CD/DVD RW Drive
- TV Tuner

Here is what I am interested in for the PC I want to build (keeping in mind that I want your opinion on what you think is of top quality and efficiency with money being a moderate factor – I’ll be selling my Xbox 360 and a Sony VAIO Pentium D 830 for helping me pay for my new PC):

Case: needs to be fit for cooling (water cooling) and air flow ventilation, cool looking, and big (nothing medium or small – it would leave no room for possible future modifications).

Motherboard: needs to be powerful and nVidia SLi-ready – also needs to be able to fit 4 512MB RAM modules. And also needs to be Windows Vista and Dual-Core compatible. I’m looking for top of the line here.

CPU Processor: needs to be of the new Dual Core/Quad Core family; higher end rather than low.

Cooling: I prefer water cooling or the thermal electric unit’s; whatever cools my CPU the best in other words – something efficient and gives you the biggest bang for your buck(s); also something with a unique design.

VGA: nVidia SLi-ready (whatever you think is best/safest for overclocking and horsepower).

I do appreciate this very much, and thank you all for your advice.
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  1. what is your price range?
  2. Can't suggest anything without knowing what type of RAM it is. DDR or DDR2? Hopefully DDR2.
  3. We need more details.

    As RealiBrad asked, what budget?
    As jeff_2087 asked, is the RAM DDR or DDR2?
    What brand PSU?
    Why do you want SLI?

    A 630W PSU might be enough to SLI 8800GTS. It is definitely not enough to SLI 8800GTX. In my opinion, SLI is generally a waste of money (unless you absolutely want to have the best performance). It makes it more expensive to upgrade and introduces another point of problems in your system. Video cards change often enough that you are usually better off simply getting a single card and upgrading every so often (I tend to upgrade about every 2-3 years). Most times when I've built a system, I've gone for not-top-of-the-line video just because I knew I could upgrade - this time, I went with the 8800GTX because I knew I wanted an 8800 (GTS 640 minimum) and the GTX just wasn't that much more (to me).

    Case: Coolmaster Stacker 830 is a full tower highly recommended case (~$250)

    Mobo: EVGA nForce 680i for SLI (~$225?). Gigabyte DS3 for non-SLI (~$120).

    CPU: E6600 is best performance/price right now (~$235). X6800 (dual) or QX6700 (quad) are the best performance right now (~$1000).

    Cooling: I can't help you here. I've only ever done air cooling. Watch out for condensation is about all I know about liquid cooling.

    VGA: single EVGA 8800GTX is what I would recommend (~$500). SLI 8800GTX if money is no object (~$1000).
  4. First of all, thanks for your time in helping me out through this massive project.

    - I have 2 GB's of DDR2 RAM with copper heat resistors.
    - I assumed SLi was kind of the future of gaming so I was looking be ahead of the times.
    - VGA is quite an open-ended case right now, just wanting to know which nVidia cards are the hottest on the market right now for quality and efficiency.
    - Modular RX 630a 630w PSU

    Also, my budget is a factor to a certain extent. I'm really looking to build a long-lasting and powerful rig with efficient and effective cooling.
  5. Nope. SLI has been around a long time (pretty sure GeForce 2 supported SLI). I've never seen the value in it plus you can get a good much cheaper non-SLI mobo (Gigabyte DS3).

    Best on the market right now is 8800GTX. If you want to save a little money, 8800GTS is quite good.

    Looking on both tiered PSU lists, I don't see Modular or RX listed. I would highly recommend only using a PSU from tier 1 or 2 of the this list or tier 1, Z, or 2 of this list.
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