Windows explorer had encountered a problem....

After a fresh install of windows and downloading SP2 etc plus some other things like a few games, adaware, spybot and kaperspy, I was just browsing (just a normal site, no porn) and I got the explore.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. I can still do browsing and open stuff etc. I tried reinstalling sp2, replacing the explorer.exe file, unchecking non-microsoft programs in msconfig, all with no result. I'm probably gonna just install Litestep and say screw it, but am wondering if there is anything else I can do.

Here is the error code:

EventType : BEX P1 : explorer.exe P2 : 6.0.2900.2180 P3 : 41107ece
P4 : unknown P5 : P6 : 00000000 P7 : 54464f53
P8 : c0000005 P9 : 00000008

After installing a few things, I'd do a defrag, install a few more and defrag.

thanks for any help!
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  1. Have you tried a restore point from before when this error first happened ?
  2. I could try to but I'm wary because last time I did a system restore I remember it would not even boot into windows and I had to do a fresh reinstall.

    I did find this and was thinking of trying it, I get this message in the box with the explorer.exe error:

    DEP (Data Execution Prevention) can be turned off from My Computer-->right click-->Properties-->Advanced-->Performance-->Settings-->Data Execution Prevention, but I wouldn't recommend it. You might want to scan the folder in question with various virus/trojan/etc. detection tools, and make sure your XP install has the latest security patches.
  3. Have you installed anything recently that would add shell extensions (e.g. when you right click a folder or file). Someone had a similar problem down to the MSN searchbar.

    Also, you could try removing SP2 (click me !), reboot and then reinstall.
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