Windows Explorer crashing after running full-screen program

Hi, got a troubling problem here. Haven't really changed my computer configuration, but over the past few days, I've noticed that as I've quit all programs running in full-screen mode (ie half-life, star wars), I've run into crashes at the desktop. The desktop will be partially redrawn, and I can see my mouse cursor moving, but that's it. My right-click menu will not come up, and if I click on the start menu, that does not come up either. I do see the hard disk spinning if I click on a desktop icon, but the associated program does not show up on the screen. I can also force the computer to reboot by hitting ctl-alt-del twice. Is there anyway to force the desktop to redraw or refresh itself (preferably with a shortcut key, as I can't see any menus)? Any other suggestions to try? This doesn't happen if I quit from a windowed application (such as iexplorer). Thanks much for the help and time!


Windows XP SP2
Pentium 4 2.4C OC to 2.7
Abit IC-7 MB
1 Gb PC3200 RAM
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  1. Your graphics card isn't good enough, technologically.

    A better choice would have been the 6600gt OC for playing games.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. Close out all programs before firing up the game.
    2. Have patience after you exit. Give it 5 minutes.
    3. Think about upgrading the video.
    4. Think about going to dual-channel memory - and 2gs worth.
  2. Just to clarify...

    Sorry, meant to say I was running the 6600GT OC version.
    I've actually left it overnight, and the desktop was still frozen in the morning.
    It's running dual-channel 512mbs right now.

    I agree, it's a rather old configuration, but the puzzling thing is that I've been running this for about 2 years now, without any hiccups, and for this problem to come up in the past few days without any major changes puzzles me. Again, thanks for the help!
  3. That changes everything.

    You've got a problematic device driver not wanting to let go.

    Something may have caused you non-critical corruption. Go online and get the free scans from SpySweeper & AVG.

    Then do a Repair install. Pop in the XP cd - restart & boot to it - Hit Enter at the first repair screen - hit R at the next one. DO NOT BOOT TO THE CD on the next two restarts.
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