Stock cooling on x1950pro 512mb PCI-x

Hi, I recently built a system with the Sapphire X1950Pro 512mb PCI-ex.

Using the lastest catalyst, and CCC I was idling at 53 celcius, upon a little research I downloaded ATI Tool 0.27b1. Using this, I manually set my fan to 100 percent. I now idle at around 47 celcius. With a full load, or with that 3d view option the program has, it has gotten up to 69-70 even with the fan at 100%.

In short I'm wondering what I can do short of putting a 3rd party HSF on it?

Or, are these temps acceptable for hours of Oblivion, WoW, or HL2....?

My case is a mid tower with seven 80mm fans - 5 intake - 2 exhaust.

Also I should add that I am not overclocking anything on my system.

I'm thinking about moving my two HD's into 5.25 aluminum HD coolers in the 2 bays I have left up top....this will allow the front 4 intake fans to blow uninhibited to the video card. Not to mention this will clean up some wire clutter.

I'm not experiencing any crashes or shutdowns, just a little extra heat that I'd like to get rid of...

Thanks in advance for any advice!


New build:

EVGA Nforce 590SLI AMD AM2
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Dual Core
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 Dual Channel
Sapphire Radeon X1950Pro PCI-ex 512MB
250gb WD SATA 3.0
80gb Seagate Baracuda SATA 1.5
Aspire Case side window has fan 520w PSU ATX 2.0
Memorex DVD reader and Memorex DVD-RW
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  1. It should be fine with stock cooling. I would recommend placing a 120mm fan between your card and your drive bays to help push hot air out the back of the case

    see my crappy mspaint diagram

    This helped me drop system temp, CPU and graphics card temps significantly.
  2. hmmm...interesting idea....i may try it myself.
  3. I own a x1950pro 256 pcix and tried different combination of fans to cool it
    but it was not efficient. i was running 65 idle and 85+ full load
    i even got a overheat warning when playing titan quest.

    The solution i found is placing a old p3 heat sink and fan on the back of the
    card where the '' x '' is located.

    I applied double faced tape on the lower half of the x only and applied some themal paste in the middle of the x to make good contact with the heat sink
    then putted the heatsink in place.

    now i'm running 55 idle and 75 full
  4. make sure you get cool air or ambient near the intake of the cooling system(fan) and your temps will drop about 5 degrees.......
  5. Those temps are great for a stock cooler.
  6. Are these x1950 Pro mostly defected or what? I got even worse luck with temperatures. First one I got overheated and graphical artifacts appeared all over the screen and a restart was necessary. I took it back, got a new one, idle 70 C, busy 120 C -> VPU recovery. Downcloacked the core to 400 Mhz: idle 68 C, busy 107 C.

    Gonna try some of the advice here...or just take it back again I guess and tell the guy to give me 10, one of them is bound to work without exploding. :fou:
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