Hauppauge Analog vs P965 - anyone out there using this combo

I had a crap ass P4 machine I was testing out XP MCE 2005 on.
Grabbed a 500MCE and it worked like a champ.

Built a new machine just for Vista Ultimate (New Media Center) and my Hauppauge 500MCE now gives static on every freakin channel and the lower channels like 2-7 are so bad its unwatchable.

I grabbed a spare 40GB drive and disconnected the Vista Drives, installed XP MCE 2005 on the 40GB, loaded all the Hauppauge drivers and got the same horrible static when using the TV Tuner.
Based on that I am pretty sure its not Vista's fault (per say)

So I am left with the question, what the hell went wrong?
My only guess is something about my Mobo doesnt agree with the Hauppauge cards (I tried a 350 as well).

Here is the new MCE setup:
C2D 6600
MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus Video Card
Corsair XMS2 2GB DDR2-800 Kit
Seasonic 650W P/S

Anyone have any ideas why the damn thing sucks so bad?
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  1. I have the 150mce intalled in a DS3 p965 MB. I dual boot using XP Pro and Xp 64 bit. The Hauppauge 150 works fine in either OS. I've never used Windows Media Center because I never had the need for it. On the Hauppauge site it tells you how to install the drivers correctly and if for some reason it doesn't install correctly they have a nice little dos utility that removes all prior instances of the Hauppauge software afterwhich you need to restart the computer and start over again with the install. As I remember first you install the Win PVR (26XXX) driver, then you need to install the Mpeg decoder pack and lastly the WinTV 2000. I'm not sure if you need the WinTV2000 software if you're going to be using it with MCE, but as mentioned before it works for me. Anyway, hope this helps.
  2. 1st, try it on a different cable jack... i had the same problem in my room... all channels looked like crap, few actually came in, still all were illegible when trying to read text, and just plain ugly when trying to watch anything else... turns out it was a bad wall jack...

    2nd - it sounds like your card may be going faulty... try testing it in a spare system...

    3rd that's it... cheers!
  3. I doubt its the jacks because I can take the same cable and card and just switch the PC underneath and get good reception.

    But it is possible the card is going bad. I put the card in my older XP MCE box again along side the 350 I already had in there and 1 of the tuners on the card works and the other is all static. This confuses me even more.

    Of course I had to hack the registry settings on XP MCE 2005 to get it to see 3 analog tuners. But I was hopeful it would work and for now I could just do all my recording on the old machine in my office and transfer the shows to the new machine for watching in my Fam Room.

    Thanks for the help so far, keep the ideas/stories coming.
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