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So i have currently, two Asus VW266H 25.5inch monitors, and I want a 3rd monitor to do a triple monitor setup, but i have 2 issues, first is that it is harder to find that monitor again because most of the places i shop from no longer carry it, second is that the monitor size itself is VERY uncommon, because of this, i need some help and/or ideas on what and how to make this setup work, I am looking for the 3rd monitor to be a 120Hz monitor that is atleast a similar size to those but preferibly bigger so i can still run triple monitor with little notice, or what size monitor would i need to setup the two 25.5inch monitors in portrait size instead? building a new PC to support this soon so was also wondering what supports triple monitors better, ATI's eyefinity? or Nvidia surround? I was debating this Asus 27inch Display that was 120Hz but my concern is will there be issues when setting up resolutions and will the difference be an eye sore, also what would be a good Monitor stand for that setup?
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  1. a friend recommended this TV monitor and use the 2 25.5inches as portrait, just wondering though, why is a TV cheaper than a LCD monitor almost half its size? Also, if I can get peoples 2 cents on just HOW big of a difference 120hz is from 60hz and how noticeable is it, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So i found 1 Asus 25.5inch just like my current ones on amazon, now just wondering if I should just get a 3rd of that, or attempt an upgrade.
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