Good to see so few Vista threads...

I guess most of you folks decided to wait and see.

Microsoft claim sales are better than expected, yet no lines in stores, no dent is Vista stacks (apparently just gathering dust already), said the Vista orders were actually below their expectation and are left with more stock than they wanted to be with.

A search for concrete Vista sales numbers seems to be an elusive task where apparently Microsoft control those numbers exclusively. So where are all these so called sales going? Forcing Dell/HP/Gateway to pre-Install Vista on new machines? Are these the "big sales" numbers they're talking about? I know several folks in the OS image release business in large corps (like Wells Fargo) and they have NO plans for any Vista distribution this year.

Browsing various web site forums/newsgroups, I'm not finding huge thread counts on Vista -- so where are these magical sales numbers coming from which no one can seem to validate the source other than what Steve B. says.

So where are these big sales numbers?

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  1. That is a good question, I would assume that the new HP/Dell and all account for a good part of it. I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few people not to computer savvy hold off their buying decision because some Best Buy employee told them to wait for Vista.

    I am quite satified with the product, given a good machine it does work really well, it's gootta be one of the smoothest OS transition I did and I think this OS will be really solid in a year from now. By that I mean Xp Sp2 level with only SP1 or no sp at all...

    Yet it does not justify the cost and the hassle yet, I jumped the bandwagon because it was free and my XP was a OEM that left my possesion with my old computer.
  2. Guess my preloaded Vista on a Gateway is really just a weirded out XP. :lol:
  3. Yeah, I have a Gateway laptop that is "Vista Ready" -- not sure Microsoft's or Gateway's definition of "Ready" is -- but after loading Vista(MSDN subscription so I get it all) I'd say no wireless drivers for Vista isn't what I'd consider "Ready".

    But OMG was Vista slow on my new Gateway core 2 laptop with 2GB ram and it really did NOT like having no network connectivity -- dooh!! I can see the blood boiling on many a $259 Ultimate upgraders...

    It was an interesting experiment, but back to WinXP my Gateway laptop goes.

    But still, where are all these "sales"? Wonder if Dell/HP/Gateware are even permitted to sell their hardware with WinXP? Conversations between the licensing entities probably went like this "your WinXP licenses just doubled in price, your Vista licenses just got cut in half"...their is YOUR choice... -- see this isn't a monopoly, you're free to do what you like.
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