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Got stuck. had a user install 3rd party software and it took over managing, wireless. I went to check if I could de-select the option for this 3rd party to manage Wireless... The user hard deleted the software and now I can't manage wireless. Is there somewhere to set windows back as the default wireless configuration.
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  1. A lot of times you can't use the wireless card unless you install their drivers with their wireless utility (I'm looking at you Belkin). If the wireless card driver is listed as correctly installed in the Device Manager then you'll probably be ok without the manufacturer's utility. To use Windows' wireless utility, right-click My Network Places -> Properties (or Control Panel -> Network Connections). Right-click the wireless network and go to Properties. Dig around the Wireless tab you'll find an option to let Windows manage the wireless connection.
  2. Just set the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration Service to start automatically.

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