How many FPS can i expect from this setup

Ok I was wondering how many frames i can expect running 2 2900 xtx's in crossfire and 2 2900 xt's in crossfire on a 30 inch monitor at 2560x1600 with AA at 24x and every other setting maxed in lets say oblivion outdoors?
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  1. 4000 fps
  2. be reasonable.. minimum of 250 to 400fps
  3. Wait until the cards are out and have been tested then ask that question.
    Its hard to predict the future you know.
  4. id probaly say not much more than a single 8800gtx or a single HD2900xtx.... unless your using some super dooper cpu that hasnt been released yet

    EDIT.. soz i didnt see the resolution... probaly similer to a pair of 8800gtx's
  5. Maybe 30 fps minimum.
  6. i agree with Aussie_Dan ~30fps minimum (w/C2Extreme or better) is reasonable
  7. Anyone who supports the sale of Core 2 Extreme obviously hasnt a clue.
  8. 40ish or more... depending on the processor.
  9. 0. Wanna know why? Coz it doesn't seem like AMD wants to release the R600 any time soon...if ever...
  10. A lot. Maybe 25,000 fps.

    Maybe a little. Maybe 5 fps.

    Seriously, we can't tell yet, since cards aren't out...
  11. bout 40 by fraps standards
  12. Quote:
    4000 fps

    Rofl!! Well, if you have a VERY good CPU that is not a bottleneck to the cards...I would say around 50-60 fps minimum.
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