lower FPS after overclock?

System specs:

AMD 64 3000+ @ 2.2Ghz
MSI K8T800
BFG GeForce 6800GT
1.75GB DDR400
SB Audigy2 ZS
WinFast TV tuner
2x80GB Seagate
250GB WD
420W PS

OK, so i went ahead and overclocked the card via the built in overclocking tool in the nvidia panel. I clocked it to 400Mhz and 1.1Ghz for the core and memory respectively. After running before and after time demo (demo1) in Doom 3, my average Fps dropped from 57 to 38 (ultra quality 4AA/8AF).

I took the second run's numbers for each setting since the first one lags due to creating cache files.

Any ideas as to why I get a decrease in performace after overclocking?

BTW, the temp only changed 3 degrees C under load after overclocking and stayed the same when idle.
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  1. Seems like a Power supply problem to me.
    by the way, what is your power supply?
  2. please don't try to run it on Ultra, there will always be stuttering problems. Your 1.75gb of ram might resolve that but im fairly sure that its the VRAM that it needs more of. I'm suprised you even achieve ultra with 4aa + 8af at 57 or 38 FPS.

    Have you tried any other games to test your clock against.

    3d Mark would be good to see if it's getting better or worse.
  3. i can get my 6800GT to 440/1220 (stable at 400/1200 or under) but mine was XFX with dual DVI on AGP, and i have a 420w antec? Heavy little PSU...
  4. When you quit the game, have the clock speeds changed? A video card that doesn't "like" overclocking will automatically set back to very low speeds when under stress, if you try overclocking it. That was the first sign of serious aging my 9600SE gave me. After that, the fan wore out. Then my patience. Then, a substantial share of my bank account. :wink:
  5. hmm it seems like everyones 9 series raedons have worn out :P mine did with great dispare. It made me get this 7800gs :( was waiting for the 1950pro to come. damn ati.
  6. Quote:
    hmm it seems like everyones 9 series raedons have worn out :P mine did with great dispare. It made me get this 7800gs :( was waiting for the 1950pro to come. damn ati.
    Well it was a bit my fault because I was overclocking it as far as it would go (from a base 325 to 425mhz!) without spontaneous rebooting, and I never checked the temperatures so I guess things were seriously frying down there for those two years it served me.
  7. yeah my fan died on me at least a year before i noticed :S then all the awesome wierd stuff started comming and going. It left for a good 6 months, then all of a sudden started appearing again. Was ridiculous. :cry:
  8. My PS is a the one that came with my Riadmax case. It is a 420W PS but only rated at 13A to the 12V rail.

    I haven't tried any other utility to benchmark it yet, I'll do a 3DMark later tonight.

    The clock speeds stay the same after the time demo is ran, and i'm able to push it out further than what it's currently clocked at (I just wanted Ultra speeds) - BTW, the BFG card I have is the one with the updated copper piped heatsink with the dual fans.

    I'm currently planning on building a new pc (only waiting for the next AMD cores to come out with benchies and for the 2900XT to be released), which is why I'm waiting to buy all my parts at one time - to wait for the prices to reduce a little. The power supply I'm looking to buy is the Silverstone Olympia 650W; I've seen nothing but excellent reviews on that product - I'm just waiting for the price to drop a little closer to the century mark (wishful thinking).

    Also, yes, I too retired the 9800PRO because I finally got tired of the lack of eye candy in BF2. Picked this BFG card up at the beginning of the year for $75 just so i can hold out until summer for my new build.

    PS: for those wondering what my build will look like, it should be as follows...

    New parts:
    Core2Duo E6420 w/ slight OC
    OCZ 2GB DDR2-800
    Not sure on mobo chipset yet
    ATI HD 2900XT (maybe XTX depending on Per/$$$ ratio)
    Silverstone Olympia 650W
    Antec P180/182 case (leaning toward gunmetal finish)

    Transfer parts:
    Audigy2 ZS
    TV Tuner
    Hard drives
    Samsung 18x DVD-RW
    Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM
    Along with my accessories :cough: Klipsch PMU 5.1 :cough:

  9. That PSU is whats causing you the problem. Doesn't really matter what it is rated at, those power supplies aren't that great.
  10. Yeah, but why would the performance decrease? I mean, wouldn't there just be a limit to what performance can be achieved because only so much juice will be delivered?

    Usually when power supplies are insufficient, the system shuts down. I on the other hand can play BF2 for 6 hours straight with no problems; I also only shut my PC down maybe 3 times a week, which is only over night. I know I'm in need of a new power supply, but is this what could really cause this performance decrease after clocking the card at stable higher speeds?
  11. I have dual EVGA 6800GTs (see sig) that overclocked fine with speed improvements, however Quake 4 (I think that is similar to Doom) on Ultra, 1280x1024, and 2x AA is about the limit of playibilty. My cards are slowly dying, I have to lower my OC periodically. However, I don't get why it is running, if the PSU isn't enough, shouldn't it artifact or crash?
    Also, 50+ FPS seems pretty high for a single GT, since that would be taxing for my 2 GTs.
    You may want to use RivaTuner to OC and change video settings (you can also set fans to max speed for best cooling in riva).
  12. The 50+ Fps i was getting was from a resolution of only 1024x768.

    The points you have listed about artifacts and system instability is also what I'm questioning if the problem was assumed to be the PS.

    I'll be heading home in a little, so I'll fill everyone in on 3DMark scores. If the scores come in higher, but in real world game playing, the Fps are lower, what could cause this? I'll do a time demo in a couple other games too, most likely including HL2.
  13. The other thing that you could try later is un-OCing and see if the results rebound. If they don't, something else must have changed (I have no idea what, though). I assume nothing big is possibly running in the background, that's the only other thing I could guess.

    To my knowledge, too much OC/too little power = errors = artifacts/crashes.

    Ah, I missed the 1024 part. 50 still sounds a little high, but I have never tried Doom/Quake on one 6800, so I don't really know. Do Tom's VGA charts test your scenario?

    I am also planning to retire my 6800s for a 2900XT(X).
  14. I just checked the VGA charts on THG and the results for the stock setting are on par with my results - 56.8 Fps (1024 ultra q. 4AA/8AF).

    I did restore the clock frequencies back to stock and the scores did in fact rebound back to the mid 50 Fps on the same time demo.

    I will try and use a different tool for OCing the card. What i'm now thinking is that the utility is actually clocking the card slower than stock. However, if this was so, the idle temperature should ideally lower.
  15. OK, I figured it out.

    For some reason, the frequency slider for the memory on the nVidia panel is scaled twice as much. Stock the frequency read 2Ghz, so when I thought i was overclocking it to 1.1Ghz, I guess it was really putting it at 575Mhz.

    I initially thought this was just the place the sliders were set as default, one being at 370 (core) and the other at 2.00 (mem).

    so I changed the clocks back to 400 and 2.2 (assuming it really is 1.1) and I ran the doom3 time demo again and I gained whopping 2 Fps. I guess it's better than nothing.

    Does anyone else with a 6800GT card have similar problems with the newest forceware drivers (93.71)?
  16. Quote:
    For some reason, the frequency slider for the memory on the nVidia panel is scaled twice as much. Stock the frequency read 2Ghz, so when I thought i was overclocking it to 1.1Ghz, I guess it was really putting it at 575Mhz.

    i had the exact same problem with my old 7800GT.
    When i OC'ed it the nVIDIA Control panel scaled it to 2GHz. :x
    that's the driver my friend.switch your driver to Forceware 91.47 & it will solve your problem. 8)
    still think your PSU is holding down your Overclocking. :!:
    Good Luck!
  17. I'm using 93.71, though I don't OC with the included software. I use RivaTuner because, as you have seen, NVidia didn't make OCing easy. Also, the added bonus of fan speed control and the ability to access many hidden features of the card make it worth the effort. When I OC'ed my cards, I got decent increases in performance. The thing that really suprised me was how well these cards SLI'ed. A single scored 5600-6000 in 3DMark05, and two scored a hair over 10K. Thats nearly 50%!!!
  19. Quote:

    :oops: :cry:

    I know...I'm working on it. Trust me, it hurts to press the power button on my PC.

    I'm gonna give those tools a try later...I'm gonna try the ATItool to get me to a speed that is stable with no artifacts, then i'll get the rivatuner to use after and set the fan speeds.

    Question: If i set the fan speeds higher, am I taking away from its longevity?
  20. The fan or the processor longevity?
    I've never had a GPU fan die, and it definately helps processor life.
    I also should note it gives you options, like games/high use speeds and low/2D speeds so the fans are only full when you need them. It seems to work well.
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