What is best option for old parts & accessories?

I was hoping someone would give me some advice on what to do with over 20 years of various computer parts, cables and monitors that are taking up shelves in my storage area. I don't even remember what half of them are any more. Is recycling the best route or what? Building a new system and need some storage space back. I don't live in a large metropolitan area (Appleton Wisconsin is the closest and that's not that big). Thanks!
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  1. You can take photos of them and put up a post on the deal area and see if someone is interested in buying or taking them away from you.


    You can also try ebay, craigslist...
  2. make sure you keep any psu adapters, dvi adapters, sata cables, etcetera as you could probably use them in the future.

    as far as old computer parts, ribbon cable, vga cables and all that other junk that isnt really much use nowdays you might be able to get a couple bucks for it if someone is searching but you would be better off marking it free or $1 for all plus shipping.

    if you dont want to do that... junk the components and take the metal/wire to the local scrapyard for some extra cash. i suppose you could call that recycling.
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