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I have a WRTG54 and a WRT350N. I have just moved house and setting everything up. I currently use my WRT350N which works perfect.

Now I have a problem, I have a bonus room where I have a SlingBox and also Internet TV but no way to run cables unless I get someone to come in and do it....which I guess I just should do :-)

The question I have if I put my old WRT54G in the room, Can I connect to the other Linksys Router through that. I am guessing I would have to change it (WRT54G) to a static IP? and also make sure it does not give out the same DHCP address's.

So here it is I have a good working WRT350N and all machines connect. I need to connect 2 Ethernet Devices (at the other end of the house) to the old WRT54G which then in turn connect to the WRT350N

Any Help will do
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  1. Just saw your post, not sure if you've solved your issues yet. But I'll post info anyway.
    You want to do what they call 'Bridge' the wrt54g to the 350N. I would recommend you visit This is a free 3rd party firmware that you replace your original linksys wrt54G firmware with. I makes it real easy to bridge the router. Just read through.
    I did this to connect my Xbox360 in the livingroom to my main router in the office with out having to by M$ 100.00 wifi adapter for the Xbox. I had an older wrt54g lying around.
  2. Not sure what the 3rd party firmware does but if it has WDS then you are fine if not then you need WDS on your AP's/Wireless Router's.
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