Does readyboost device keep data when pc is turned off ?

is the data cached in a readyboost device kept after pc is turned off ?

Or is it all erased ?

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  1. as will all ram it would be erased when the system is powered down there would be no point in caching the data because it is software controlled the system would have to be booted up first i would imagine in standby as well it is cached on the hard disk due to the likely hood of some one taking the drive out
  2. I'm sorry I didn't understood your answer.
    Can you be more clear ?

  3. yeah i just realised that dident make any sense :oops:
    but basically RAM is only needed when a computer is on to cache files in use and is therefore "erased" when the computer is turned off.
    there would be no need to store the files on the USB stick in use
    But i would like to know the situation with standby mode as the ram is still "active" then. would the data be kept on the usb stick or stored on HDD?
    although HDD does seem more logical in the situation
  4. RAM = volatile
    HDD or any other perm storage device = non volatile
  5. Quote:
    RAM = volatile
    HDD or any other perm storage device = non volatile

    Yes but it doesn't answer the question: vista could erease data stored on the non volatile media when shutting off....
  6. After experimenting with it myself I believe it has to save the files after the device is plugged in because then it would have to re cache everything on startup with would need more RAM.
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