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after i read the toms hardware
Analysis: Vista's Ready Boost is no match for RAM
i had a thought would it be possible to run sveral fast usb sticks in something a bit like a raid array ? :?:
if so i reckon you could potentially get a nice performance increase even if you did have to do a large amount editing vista? I'm not saying this can act as a substitute for ram but is this program at its full potential ? :?:
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  1. IMO it wouldn't really be worth it, I use my old flash drives that serve no purpose in readyboost and they work fine. But really when I get enough money I'll just add some RAM. Yes it is a cheap some what lame substitute but it works. I don't think the performance increase is too great but at least my old flash drives can serve a purpose...
  2. I don't really have a way to measure the numbers... I have a 4G ram, x6800 system with a 500G 4-drive raid 0 system (reasonably rapid). However, I still think my 4G readyboost drive helps.

    E.G. The first screen on Word is an imediate display <period> (it is almost spooky). I am using an 8G A-Data flash drive and there is virtually NO seek-time; Vista loves it.
  3. When I built this computer I bought a usb drive, not for readyboost but so that I would have a easy & fast way to flash my bios. After actually doing that I had no use for it until I need to update my bios for some reason so I just left it plugged in. It's a 4gb drive I set 3gb for readyboost.

    Does it make a difference... I have no idea :lol: but I figured I might as well put it to some use other than letting it sit and collect dust
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