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Hello all,
I have a Sharp Mebius PC-WA80LZ notebook computer which was purchased in Japan. Windows XP Home Edition was pre-installed; however, it is the Japanese version (every single character from the Start button to the menu options -- even the time in the System Tray -- are using the Japanese characters). Also, all of the pre-installed software (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) are in Japanese. I would like to convert the OS and the applications to their English versions. How can I accomplish this task? Is there a setting somewhere that I don't know about? Or do I have to do the unthinkable -- purchase the English versions? I would also like to install Windows Vista in the future into this notebook -- after the first Service Pack comes out, though! Any or all tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Sorry! No easy fix for a conversion.

    You must buy an English version.

    I understand that conversion is possible in Vista's Enterprise, doing no good for the common man.
  2. There is no way to do this conversion.

    You could download some "not very legal" windows OEM (same version) installer with a P2P software and use your japanese original key. It "may" work, actually I've never done this with Windows but it worked for me with other programs.

    You can also contact Sharp and ask them. It is not the same case, but when i bought a camera to send it abroad, I asked Olympus Japan for drivers and software in english. I had to send them my CDs and received the english version.
  3. Thanks, furikake and pscowboy, for your replies.
    So, what I did was formatted the laptop's C drive and installed Windows XP Pro (English version). Everything looks fine. However, it seems like the computer does NOT recognize neither the audio speakers nor the sound card ... yes, no sound whatsoever!!! Furthermore, since the laptop's keyboard is the Japanese layout, some of the keys are off. For instance, I tried to type the equals sign, and all I got was the underscore symbol.
    Any suggestions to fix my on-going frustrations with this laptop?
    Thanks in advance.
  4. Replace the keyboard. Try ebay - should get a good deal. They sell thousands of laptop parts.
  5. Hi

    I will be in your position very soon as I'm going to buy a Panasonic "Lets Note" so I've been googling for some advice. You need not have reinstalled XP, here's a link that might have helped out. All OS come supplied with most of the worlds languages, so it is really a question of a few clicks.


    Go to Sharp homepage and download the driver(s) for sound etc.

    I'm curious as to why you bought a Japanese computer with Japanese keyboard?


  6. In your keyboard options select japanese keyboard layout.

    Change the keyboard driver with "Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)". It's not displayed by default into the compatible keyboard group. You have to select it manually and restart. After that you can use your keyboard with japanese layout in an English Windows and even use the keys ”¼Šp/‘SŠp (hankaku/zenkaku - ShiftJIS) if you want to.
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  9. i mean to change it into english!! because everything i see in the screen is in japanese character
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